Compostable vs biodegradable: What’s the difference?

The difference between two very similar ideas can mean a great deal. This is the case with the ideas of biodegradability and compostability. How they differ is a thing of significance to our environment.

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Sustainability | 4 min read
March 4, 2020

5 common sustainable packaging fails and how to do better

In today’s climate-conscious world, companies, not-for-profits, and individuals are all looking for ways to cut their carbon footprint and consciously lessen their impact on ...
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Sustainability | 4 min read
December 16, 2019

The landfill vs the compost heap: the details on decomposition

At a basic level, we all understand the difference between the compost heap and the garbage dump.
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Sustainability | 30 min read
December 8, 2019

11 epic ways to have a more environmentally friendly Christmas

The trick to living and operating sustainably isn’t to go without things, it’s to swap them for something more sustainable!
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Packing & Shipping | 10 min read
November 21, 2019

The big guide to sustainable packaging

It isn't easy being green, a wise frog once said. But, as far as eco-friendly packaging options go, we're here to help you make informed decisions and make it a little easier.
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Sustainability | 3 min read
September 17, 2019

We're joining the climate strikes!

This month is one of the most exciting months in Sendle’s history.
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Sustainability | 6 min read
March 27, 2018

Green is good for business: how you can drive sales and engagement with just a sticker

The tide is turning. Increasing awareness has led to a rise in what is known as conscious consumption, a movement of people who seek out ways to make positive decisions about ...
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