Sendle’s holiday shipping guide: Planning for your big sales rush

Each year, the earth gets a little warmer, we grow a year older and the holiday season creeps up on us earlier than ever. This year, some of us will be reunited with our families, others will not. But despite the uncertainty brought on by COVID, holiday shopping is once again in full swing.

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Packing & Shipping | 8 min read
June 14, 2021

Choosing the best shipping label printer for your small business

Shipping your goods to your customers would not be possible without the ever-important set of instructions you place gingerly on each package. With it, your delivery driver ...
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Packing & Shipping | 10 min read
April 19, 2021

The big guide to sustainable packaging

It isn't easy being green, a wise frog once said. But, as far as eco-friendly packaging options go, we're here to help you make informed decisions and make it a little easier.
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Packing & Shipping | 27 min read
April 1, 2021

Hey Sendler, S2, E1: Why you should be investing in amazing unboxing experiences

We're back! And we're kicking off season two of Hey Sendler with something flashy and fun—sustainable packaging! To tell us all about amazing unboxing experiences, we've got ...
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Packing & Shipping | 6 min read
February 4, 2021

How to package and ship jewelry to your amazing customers

The golden rule with ensuring your jewelry is safe lies in how you package your precious stones. You want them to travel safely, discreetly, and with style to your adoring ...
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Packing & Shipping | 9 min read
October 9, 2020

eCommerce checklist: Preparing your store for the holidays

From chatbots and thank yous to label makers and good tape, it helps to prepare for the most busiest time of the year (for online retailers).
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Packing & Shipping | 9 min read
April 8, 2020

Tips for sending and receiving packages during the COVID-19 pandemic

For both businesses and customers alike, there are a lot of logistical uncertainties out there with the aggressive spread of coronavirus (or COVID-19).
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Packing & Shipping | 4 min read
April 6, 2020

How to manage inventory and avoid disappointing your customers

It can be one of the trickiest challenges a small business faces—how to effectively manage inventory and prevent overselling your stock.
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Packing & Shipping | 4 min read
March 17, 2020

Which pick and pack process is right for your business?

So, you’ve started to see your orders pick up. As your one or two daily orders go up to 10 or 20, the time it takes to ship is similarly multiplied.
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Customer Experience | 3 min read
February 25, 2020

5 tidy tips for shipping clothes nicely and neatly

There’s nothing worse for customers than pulling out a crumpled or damaged dress from their newly-arrived parcel (I mean, aside from receiving a box full of scorpions, and no ...
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Packing & Shipping | 11 min read
January 30, 2020

The ultimate guide to packing and wrapping your packages

Someone bought your thing! After months of crafting, fine-tuning, marketing and hustling, someone’s come along and given you the sale.
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Packing & Shipping | 6 min read
January 13, 2020

Step by step: How to create an amazing unboxing experience

We often talk about ‘magic’ when we discuss eCommerce experiences.
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