Hey, Canada! You asked, and we listened. Whether you’re typing drop off parcel near me on Google, or you’re on the move and need to drop your parcel off somewhere else, we’ve got you. 

Simple, reliable, and affordable shipping just took a leap in convenience with over 500 parcel drop-off locations nationwide!

Now you can take more time back to your day, or have more options to drop off over pickup, whenever it suits your sched.

Book a drop off


567 drop off locations to save you even more time (and less lines)

Our drop off locations just grew from over 300 to 567 locations across the country! We heard you loud and clear when you asked for more flexibility. Some locations stay open on the weekends or even as late as 11 p.m. (Yep, we’re thinking of you night owls, too!)


How to book a drop off with Sendle

Booking a parcel for drop off is a walk in the park with your Sendle Dashboard. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your Sendle Dashboard and click Sending.
  2. Enter your parcel details and select I'll drop it off.
  3. Print your label and attach the label to your parcel. That's it!

Be sure to check the drop off location’s hours of operation before heading over. Then, get back to business as usual even quicker than before.

woman sitting at the desk holding mug laptop boxes in front boxes shelves behind


More happy highlights

While saving time and convenience take the spotlight, there’s a full deck of benefits that come with shipping with Sendle. All you have to do is book a parcel, either for drop off or free pickup.

Every time you Sendle a parcel, you get:


Heads up: some drop off pointers to keep it easy

There are a few things to keep in mind before you head out the door:

  • Drop off locations only accept parcels within Sendle's size limits (up to 30 kilograms and 150 liters, with the longest side not bigger than 1.2 meters). Learn more about drop off size limits.
  • If you're Sendling large or multiple parcels, pickup may be a better option for you. Avoid breaking a sweat and book a free pickup on your Sendle Dashboard.
  • If you're booking multiple parcels, you’ll need to create separate labels for each. You can either do so individually or make it a party with a quick batch upload. Batch uploads help make sure each parcel gets scanned and properly tracked. Oh, and batch uploading is super simple on your Sendle Dashboard. Learn how to batch upload.
  • Drop off locations won't accept duplicate or previously used labels, so be sure to create a new one for each parcel.


Ship it with Sendle at a drop off location nearby, or wherever you are

happy indian delivery man standing near car holding carton box parcel

With 567 drop off locations nationwide, enjoy more flexibility and save precious time for your top priorities, whether it’s you, your loved ones, your business, or your goals. It’s one of the best things you can save for you, so do it simply and easily—the Sendle way.


Book a drop off

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