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How to use Google My Business to get more customers (for free)

Google. It’s such a big search engine it’s become synonymous with searching for something online. Just think about how many times you've told someone, or been told, to ‘Google it!’

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Starting an Online Store | 7 min read
November 23, 2020

How to start your Etsy shop: A step by step guide

Etsy is one of the most accessible online marketplaces for small online retailers. With a massive global audience and the ability to reach them with ease (and a bit of SEO ...
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eCommerce Platforms | 38 min read
November 20, 2020

Optimising for Online: A webinar brought to you by Shopify, Stripe, and Sendle

Christmas 2020 is expected to be the busiest online shopping season in Australian history! To help our small business community get prepared early, we held a virtual event ...
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Customer Stories | 39 min read
November 19, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 6: Harnessing social change through small business

Here we are with our sixth episode of Hey Sendler! This time, Jenn chats with Jenni Moon of No Rival Industries, a startup focused on impact projects that make positive ...
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Sendle News | 4 min read
November 19, 2020

Coronavirus update

As an essential service, Sendle is open for business across Australia and the United States. We're working harder than ever to deliver parcels for our small business ...
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Sustainability | 13 min read
November 18, 2020

21 Shopify stores for going Zero Waste now

The Zero Waste movement has gained steam in the last few years. And, with good reason! It’s becoming more and more obvious that we can’t sustain our usual routines without ...
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Sendle AU | 4 min read
November 16, 2020

AU Sendlers: Overseas sending just got a lot cheaper this Christmas

In the strange year that 2020 has been, Christmas is more about gifts than gatherings. So, sending presents to family and friends overseas is going to be that extra bit ...
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Customer Stories | 7 min read
November 13, 2020

Acknowledging Indigenous place names, one bag of coffee at a time

When you think of Australian place names, Sydney usually comes to mind. But you probably didn’t know the famous city’s traditional name is Gadigal Country.  
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Small Business Marketing | 8 min read
November 12, 2020

Holiday promotion ideas to capture more customers this season

‘Tis the season to get on top of your holiday marketing! With only weeks to maximize the influx of shoppers, you want them to stick around, get comfy, and buy your stuff.
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Sendle AU | 3 min read
November 12, 2020

We’re holding domestic rates and expanding the Australian network this Christmas

This year’s Christmas shopping season is kicking off early and we want to help our Australian small business community get prepared.
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eCommerce Platforms | 3 min read
November 11, 2020

Woo! Our US WooCommerce dashboard integration is live

WooCommerce is the eCommerce platform of choice for over a million online stores in the US alone. Our new dashboard integration gives these sellers a simple way to ship 100% ...
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Customer Experience | 8 min read
November 10, 2020

eCommerce trends: Staying ahead of the curve in 2020

Looking back on the brief history of online shopping, it wasn’t clear at the time that a humble Amazon book sale in 1995 would spark the beginning of an online shopping ...
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Customer Stories | 7 min read
November 9, 2020

Eco-friendly undies that make you feel a million dollars

For guys, there’s nothing worse than wearing boxer briefs or trunks that constantly ride up and chafe. You might as well go back to basics and stitch together a few fig ...
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Starting an Online Store | 6 min read
November 5, 2020

How to optimize your checkout process to drive sales and conversions

They’ve seen your marketing. They’ve browsed your products. They’ve even added a few to their cart. Then, at the last minute, they pull out. 😭
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Starting an Online Store | 6 min read
November 3, 2020

How to build trust with your customers and make your sales grow

Would you hand over your credit card details to a website that’s riddled with spelling errors and looks like it was made in 1996? Imagine entrusting your security to a ...
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Sendle USA | 4 min read
November 2, 2020

What’s with all the shipping surcharges in the US?

The price you see isn’t always the price you end up with—it’s an unfortunate truth in life. No less so in shipping.
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eCommerce Platforms | 6 min read
October 29, 2020

Buy It Now vs Auction: How to sell most effectively on eBay

When listing a product on eBay, you have two choices: auction or Buy It Now. It can really feel like a daunting decision.
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Customer Stories | 38 min read
October 28, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 5: Three dads and a sustainable side hustle

For our fifth episode of Hey Sendler, Jenn convened a gathering of the dads from Jill & Joey to talk about their sustainable reusable bag side hustle. They are our first beta ...
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Customer Stories | 11 min read
October 28, 2020

How COVID inspired a barista to go online with his coffee biz

Ryan Spaccavento grew up in an instant coffee family but his Italian roots harbored a love of the real brew, so it was inevitable that he would follow his dream to become a ...
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Customer Stories | 8 min read
October 26, 2020

White Buffalo Land Trust: Preserving persimmons & supporting regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an ideological shift in the way we farm, with the express goal of maintaining and improving the land. The benefits of this way of farming are ...
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