Here’s to all the amazing women who are making a difference and working toward a brighter future! Sendle is honoring International Women’s Day this year by shouting out some truly incredible, intelligent, compassionate, and downright rad ladies who are leading Certified B Corporations today.

“Who run the world? Girls.” – Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

What Beyoncé says is always true – we don’t make the rules. 💁‍♀️

While Queen Bee is slaying on the stage, we can’t forget about the many women around the globe who are making moves and leaving a positive impact on those around them, within all industries, and on the planet.

International Women’s Day is today, March 8, and we think this calls for a celebration. So, we’re showing much-deserved love to the outstanding ladies spearheading the B Corporation movement. The team at Sendle remains inspired by what these wonderful women and the companies they’ve founded continue to do good for the Earth and its inhabitants.


Four women-led B Corporations making waves and creating lasting, positive impact

From supporting social and environmental causes to putting a sustainable spin on pre-loved fashion, these four women-led B Corporations are demonstrating to the world how good work is done.

1. Vestiaire Collective

vestiaire collective founder fanny moizant

Did you know that shopping can save the world? We kid, but don’t skip out on the pre-loved Prada and other used designer items. Shopping second hand luxury can be a worthy investment that gives pieces already in circulation a new life! It can also benefit our planet’s wellbeing – especially when selling or purchasing from Vestiaire Collective. This leading global app promotes a circular fashion economy, fostering a strong customer and partner community that values sustainability and self-expression.

Fanny Moizant, co-founder and president of the luxury resale platform, always envisioned Vestiaire Collective as more than just your run-of-the-mill secondhand marketplace. Instead of contributing to the growing waste piles created by fast fashion, Vestiaire has a net climate-positive impact – preventing nearly 3X more emissions than the company generates. It’s also reducing its carbon intensity by increasing local shipping and delivering 100% carbon neutral with Sendle, optimizing packaging to produce less waste, and remaining committed to being 100% free of fast fashion.

Moizant and Vestiaire Collective are actively stitching together a more sustainable fashion future with the help of stylish sellers, conscious buyers, and like-minded brands, with the goal of being carbon net positive by 2025. Cheers to changing the future of fashion, one pre-owned piece at a time!

2. Go for Zero

go for zero founder ellie degraeve

It’s never too late to turn things around. Go for Zero believes just that as a low-waste, toxin-free lifestyle store that does more than sell eco-friendly goods. The company is committed to only stocking 100% toxin-free products made in Australia that strictly adhere to EWG’s toxin-free criteria and are waste-free, down to packaging containing little to no plastics. Water-activated paper tape and compostable labels adorn Go for Zero’s packages, meaning that every order is as eco-friendly as possible.

“My mission is to educate, encourage and inspire others to contribute to a cleaner planet,” Ellie Degraeve, founder of Go for Zero and mother of two beautiful daughters, shares on LinkedIn. Degraeve was also recognized by Inside Retail Australia as 2023’s #1 person in the Top 50 people in E-commerce. “We bring positivity to an otherwise daunting conversation and give people the tools to make a difference through sustainable living.”

Go for Zero also uses Sendle to save on shipping costs and reduce its carbon footprint simultaneously. Being a purpose-driven company in an industry rife with a toxic and waste problem isn’t a walk in the park, but Degraeve’s commitment to cleaner, greener living and supporting local Australian businesses is heard loud and clear through every item curated onto Go for Zero. It goes to show that life and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive and that we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Sheertex

sheertex founder katherine homuth

You may have heard of or seen this brand’s rip-resistant tights sworn by Instagram it-girls and everyday commuters alike. Yeah, they’re basically indestructible. And yes, this Canada-based B Corporation is changing the way we view often our hosiery and apparel at large. Sheertex believes that what we accessorize our bodies with, hosiery included, should be long-lasting pieces that we can rely on time and time again.

Sheertex was founded by Katherine Homuth, who recognized the mounting issue made by low-quality, disposable pantyhose – over two billion pairs – plaguing landfills. The solution? Tights and stockings that don’t rip, stretch out, or wear out like traditional ones often do. And if they can be responsibly created to further reduce our collective environmental impact? Even better. This is exactly what Sheertex is doing through a growing catalog of hosiery made from innovative materials and constructed to last.

The company publishes an annual ESG report for customers to keep up with its sustainability efforts and participate in dialogue around its impact. By transparently communicating their goals and constantly improving processes to become more circular, Sheertex walks the walk toward a greener tomorrow while setting a new standard for better wearables.

4. Kimaï

kimaï founders jessica warch and sidney neuhaus

Anyone can shine bright like a diamond with beautiful, high-quality jewelry – without people or the planet suffering. The jewelry industry has major issues as unethical practices and resource exhaustion surround diamond mining. But it’s thanks to B Corporations like Kimaï that are breaking down barriers regarding fine jewelry by creating low-impact, made-to-order pieces for lovebirds and jewelry lovers in Antwerp and all over the world.

Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch, founders of Kimaï, are proudly leading the pack and reversing the jewelry industry’s notorious opaqueness surrounding diamond traceability. The company uses materials that last, such as recycled 18K solid gold and lab-grown diamonds, to make fine jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

Every detail, like the journey from the diamond lab to setting and polishing, is thoughtfully considered by Neuhaus and Warch to result in fine jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind and kind to the earth.


Happy International Women’s Day!

The momentum forward has just begun, and it’s days like today when we can take a moment to appreciate all the amazing work companies like the four above have dedicated to the B Corporation movement.

Sendle is a Certified B Corporation helping small businesses ship 100% carbon neutral and save more on delivery. We’re proud to be part of the movement alongside these four women-founded B Corporations toward a bolder, better future for all!


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