When you’re selling in familiar territory, it doesn’t take long to get shipping down pat, but there are a few things to take into consideration when you decide to expand overseas.

Let’s make it easy for you! Here’s a checklist to measure if you’re ready to find your next international super fan:

You have an online store (and can take orders from international currencies)

Having local ecommerce experience will definitely make it easier to start selling internationally. Whether you have a dedicated shop or sell through online marketplaces, you need an online shop that international customers can find.

Double check if your product might attract exorbitant taxes when selecting overseas markets to open up to. Some goods can’t be sent to overseas countries, or require special permits, so check carefully if you’re in the business of selling things like crocodile handbags or kangaroo leather wallets.

You'll attract international customers more easily if you price your products in their local currency. Most selling platforms will automatically convert the prices for you, but you should also check that you can process payments from international credit cards.

"It's a matter of finding countries that will love the product and have favourable trading terms. The two go hand in hand."

Jacqui Afflick, founder, NON Products

You have packaging that can withstand travel and protect your items

Parcels sent internationally have to withstand a lot more handling than those within Australia, so check out our handy hints for packaging guidelines. Use cushioning (GreenWrap or similar) for protection and make sure your parcels are securely held together with strong tape. Sendle Compostable Satchels are ideal for smaller items.

You have a marketing plan to reach overseas customers

Starting in a country that has a similar culture to ours can help ease your way into international sales, just as a tailored marketing plan for each country will give you a path to local success. The Internet never sleeps, so monitor the social media platform where your new audience hangs out and let your posts and reels keep working around the clock.

You’ve got some practice shipping domestically

Shipping locally helps you understand customer expectations and nail down your workflow.

An additional requirement for overseas shipping is that you need a harmonisation code (HS for short) for every product. HS codes enable customs in the receiving country to classify your products so your parcels move smoothly through the system. If you haven't encountered this system before, all you have to do is keep a record of the code for each item you sell and add it to the shipping and customs label.

"Offering international shipping is really not that hard. With Sendle, our fulfilment team follows the same process for international and domestic orders. Apart from putting the HS code on the label, there’s no difference. With Australia Post, things are a bit more complicated."

Jiali Kelm, co-founder, Ellie Grace Jewellery

woman sitting holding tablet with international shipping box

If you said yes to all of the above, you’re good to go! Update your shipping policies so that international customers know what to expect, start your marketing campaign, and get ready to print your first international label on the Sendle Dashboard.

There are no lock-ins or contracts when you sign up with Sendle and sending internationally fits in with your workflow. Process all your orders together, print the Sendle labels, and you're ready to go. There are no customs forms to complete because all the necessary information is printed on the shipping label. How's that for clever and convenient!

For more tips on international selling, see our Guide to Going Global.

Sendle makes it easy

  • No additional paperwork or customs
  • Free pickup from your office/warehouse
  • No additional systems - use the Sendle dashboard or your 3rd party integrator
  • Same labels, just pile the international orders separately for your courier to pick up
  • Same $100 of cover, tracking, and carbon neutral network for every parcel

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