"With Sendle, I don’t need to worry about plans or bands. Every parcel I ship with Sendle counts towards my Ship & Save level. It’s such a transparent way to do shipping!" ~ Eugene Cheng, founder, The Sneaker Laundry

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  • Small businesses facing cost pressures want more competitive shipping rates.
  • Sendle rewards you with greater savings when you spend more on shipping.
  • Our Ship & Save savings levels give you up to 55% off standard rates.#
  • Extras, such as insurance cover, count towards your shipping spend.
  • You're automatically levelled up the next day when you reach the threshold for a new level.


What does levelling up mean to you? Setting new goals, working harder, aiming higher? Here at Sendle it means lifting you up to the next discount level so you save even more on shipping costs. How’s that for taking it to the next level?

At Sendle, we’re not interested in price matching – that would mean we’d have to increase prices. We’re the cheapest shipping service for 250g and 500g domestic parcels, so if you are looking for discount shipping for your business, Sendle’s Ship & Save will work for you.

Ship & Save is Sendle’s pricing and rewards program. It gives you higher percentage discounts on our already-low standard rates when you ship more parcels with us.


Sendle level guide

Ship & Save

minimum spend

Discount off
standard rates



Up to 18%



Up to 19%



Up to 21%



Up to 49%



Up to 50%



Up to 55%



Super secret savings!*


"Australian Post’s pricing bands are all over the place and they’re hard to follow. You don't know from one day to the next, what you're going to be paying.”

~ Jacqui Afflick, founder, NON Products

36% of businesses surveyed said they had moved their shipping business to Sendle because of Australia Post’s price increase – October 2023 Small Business Survey


How does Ship & Save work?

It’s pretty simple – the more you ship, the more you save. We monitor your shipping spend and automatically reward you with higher discounts as your volume increases. We work on the total shipping spend over a four-week period and every parcel you send with Sendle counts towards your monthly spend. Sendle Domestic, Express, International, extra insurance cover and the fuel surcharge are included in the total spend.*

“It’s great that international shipping is helping us reach the next level quicker as we expand our business.” 

~ Jiali Kelm, co-founder, Ellie Grace Jewellery

As soon as you reach the minimum spend for a higher level during your four-week spending period, your account is automatically upgraded the following day. What’s more, there’s no penalty for having a quiet couple of weeks. If you don’t meet the minimum spend for a savings level within your four-week spending period, we’ll give you another four weeks’ grace before making a change. We only move you down a level if you haven’t met the minimum spend after eight weeks – it's our way of helping more seasonal businesses take advantage of the savings they deserve too.

And our delivery network is more granular with our new ‘Near Metro’ and ‘Near Capital’ ranges which means that shipping to these popular parcel routes is now even cheaper. And who doesn’t love cheap parcel delivery!

“Shipping is a substantial expense, and Sendle's competitive rates means valuable funds are freed up to be reinvested in other areas of our business.”

~ Vanessa Ware, co-founder, Dope Skin Co


What’s the catch?

Honestly, levelling up with Sendle is simple. When you sign up for an account, we give you access to a Dashboard where you can track all your discounts and monitor shipping expenses. Even before you sign up, you don’t have to wade through a 16-page booklet to try and work out what it costs to send a 500g parcel from Burraneer to Barangaroo, you can just look it up on our Instant Shipping Calculator.

However, there is one caveat. If you sell on some of our marketplace partner platforms such as eBay or Shopify, they have exclusive rates. Rest assured, though: when you decide to open your own ecommerce store, Ship & Save will be there for you.


How do I get Ship & Save?

Sign up for an account with us. It literally takes less than a minute. 

With Sendle there are:

  • No subscriptions
  • No lock-in contracts (in fact, no contracts at all)
  • No charge for us to pick up from you^ (no Post Office queues)
  • No minimum order quantities (MOQs)

If you're already shipping with Australia Post MyPost Business or another provider, we'll match your current level. Australia Post customers will benefit immediately because our prices are cheaper than Australia Post. Just submit your past month’s transaction history and we’ll level you up right away.

If you don't have any shipping history, we'll track your shipping spend for four weeks to determine your savings level. You’ll continue to benefit from those savings until you reach the next threshold in a four-week period. As soon as you reach that next level, we'll upgrade you the following day.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Sendle today and let’s take it to the next level.

# Save up to 55% off our new low Standard rate when you qualify for L6 by spending $4k on shipping in a 4-week period.
* Sendle compostable satchels do not contribute to your monthly spend.
^ 250g Sendle Pouch is drop off only below Ship & Save Level 4.


Ship on the bright side

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