An e-commerce business will need more support as it grows, but that doesn’t mean a business owner must do it alone – or spend beyond their budget. For Nick Andreas and his 3PL business Stacked Commerce, cheaper and more reliable shipping with Sendle pays off in (many) more ways than one.

A good sign that your business is on its way to new heights is realizing you need an extra hand in managing your e-commerce business’s operations. Relying on a partner to help manage everything from inventory to logistics is the key to sustaining your business’s growth without sacrificing your (precious) sanity.

It’s important to pick a partner to do right by you, your bottom line, and your customers. That’s why Nick Andreas set about with his 3PL company, Stacked Commerce, as a premier e-commerce operations and supply chain management center. And it’s why Andreas considers Sendle more than just his business’s shipping provider, but as a trustworthy partner in Stacked Commerce’s continued growth and success.

sendle stack commerce statistics chart with illustrations
  • 20% Savings that Stacked Commerce has saved its small business clients on shipping and logistics costs with Sendle
  • 15% Additional topline revenue Stacked Commerce has added to existing e-commerce brands
  • 1,000,000+ Packages Stacked Commerce has shipped through lower costs with Sendle



The challenge

When the going gets tough…

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Andreas knows how the lack of options regarding shipping carriers can stifle a business’s potential. Traditional shipping is inflexible as it is, and often leaves small businesses in a bind due to expensive rates and opaque processes. “E-commerce business owners already have enough on their hands with managing their supply chain and more,” Andreas supplies. “They don’t need to run around in circles about shipping, on top of everything else.”

Stacked Commerce offers many features, like print-on-demand, sourcing and manufacturing, product development, growth consulting, and more. With all those moving parts, transparency, affordability, and reliability are musts.

“Shipping plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. That’s why I knew I needed a shipping partner I could trust to be on top of that for me, which would help lower my costs.”

Time is money, and efficiency is king

Andreas is no stranger to juggling priorities as a business owner of a 3PL, successfully managing other brands’ supply chains from A to Z. A testament to that is how Stacked Commerce has generated over 30 million in revenue through its own e-commerce businesses, and helped dozens of sellers achieve 7-figures with their stores. However, some roadblocks can come with the territory, especially with the common kinks of traditional shipping.

Many rapidly growing small businesses rely on 3PL services to optimize their supply chain or reach customers faster. If order processing, packing, and shipping times are inefficient, then a business can experience a significant hit to their customer satisfaction and their bottom line. It’s also why integrating other services could make or break a 3PL’s workflow. Fortunately, integrating Sendle into Stacked Commerce’s workflow took no effort and only a few minutes. “Setting up took no time at all. That meant so much, to be able to get back to my day and everything in it that much faster. I spend much less time on shipping, and I’m able to book pickups and feel good about leaving the rest to Sendle.”

Like many other small business owners, Andreas had experienced hits to his bottom line when other carriers would charge exorbitant fees for the bare minimum of service. Things like extra charges for regular pickups, or additional insurance purchases quickly added up. Not to mention the hours lost to managing different carriers, and how customers would often report back about subpar delivery experiences.



The simple solution

A more optimized workflow = a fast track to better savings

Since using Sendle, Andreas enjoys a more precise workflow, and Stacked Commerce has already experienced the upsides of better shipping. “On average, we save our clients 20% on their shipping and logistics costs. With our print-on-demand service, it’s easy for us to add an additional 15% of topline revenue to existing e-commerce brands.”

The efficiency of Stacked Commerce as a 3PL paired with Sendle’s direct integrations has also cut down on the invisible costs for small businesses. Stacked Commerce is now saving business owners anywhere from a few hours to an entire day, dramatically reducing the amount of time small businesses have to spend on picking, packing, and shipping orders.

nick andreas“For a 3PL and for small businesses, efficiency is vital. Booking Sendle pickups is easy, and I appreciate how package pickups don’t cost extra with Sendle. That has saved me a lot, and I’m able to keep saving since I’m not wasting those savings on additional fees.”

~ Nick Andreas, founder and President of Stacked Commerce

Leave all the heavy lifting to Sendle

Sendle does the nitty-gritty by diversifying shipping carriers for businesses, automatically optimizing shipping routes while handling all of the management. To Andreas, the variety of trusty door-to-door delivery options has made streamlining Stacked Commerce’s workflow even simpler. Like a sprinter finally donning proper running shoes, Stacked Commerce can do what it does best and without delay.

“It’s a huge weight off knowing there’s a national delivery network that gets everything where they need to go, and that Sendle manages the different carriers for my business,” says Andreas. “Having more options has helped avoid disaster, and I see where the savings are coming from with every package. I’m able to keep business as usual going while trusting Sendle to take care of every step of the shipping process. It makes a massive difference at the end of the day.”

Consolidated pickups* further optimize Stacked Commerce’s workflow, and thanks to Sendle handling all of the finer details, Andreas can take a step back from the small stuff and focus on all the other things that matter to a growing 3PL.

*Currently available in select markets.



The sunny results

An unbeatable shipping experience and satisfied customers

Of course, making customers happy with the overall e-commerce experience is the ultimate goal for Andreas and Stacked Commerce. Shipping plays an important role in that, as the final touchpoint and first impression a customer has with a business. Andreas believes that high-quality shipping and accessible support are what give Stacked Commerce its edge against run-of-the-mill 3PL services. Being able to give clients and their customers full visibility, with a comprehensive view of the order processing journey and real-time updates via Sendle, makes all the difference.

“Once a purchase is made, customers get their tracking number and can see exactly where their order is, and get regular updates from Sendle. It’s reassuring to know Sendle’s support team is there for you, and for your customer, to get help at any time. I also never have to worry about the worst-case scenario because every package includes free coverage.”

The best part: Stacked Commerce’s upgrade to simpler, more efficient shipping hasn’t gone unnoticed by customers.

“Every successful delivery adds to Stacked Commerce’s reputation with our customers, who also benefit from better, more reliable shipping,” Andreas states. “My customers immediately noticed the difference, and we’ve experienced the most on-time deliveries since switching to Sendle.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

Stacked Commerce is saving more money and taking out the guesswork by shipping with Sendle, leaving only great e-commerce experiences and even happier customers. Having shipped over a million packages and counting through Sendle, Andreas is confident in providing only the best experience to small businesses and their customers.

When paired with Stacked Commerce’s innovative solutions and Sendle’s simple, reliable, and affordable shipping, small businesses are better set up to take on big competition – and win.

Interested in 3PL services for your small business? Learn more about Stacked Commerce at


Start shipping with Sendle

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