The Federal Government recently called for submissions for discussion on the modernisation of Australia Post and we’re delighted to help. We’ve called for the opening up of Australia Post’s key assets and network. But what does that mean, exactly?


Sendle’s CEO James Chin Moody calls for three key changes to modernise
Australia’s postal service for the benefit of all Australians.

According to James Chin Moody, Sendle CEO, “Using Australia Post’s taxpayer-funded infrastructure more efficiently has got to be good for everyone.” And it will be.

We started Sendle back in 2014 with a mission to help small businesses thrive by making parcel delivery three things it typically wasn't - simple, reliable and affordable. That means innovating by tapping into existing infrastructure and optimising underutilised resources to deliver a more affordable and efficient delivery solution for small business across Australia that’s 100% carbon neutral. 

So when Australia Post recently called for submissions to help inform their strategy we took the opportunity seriously and recommended they open up their infrastructure so we, and the rest of  the private sector, can do what we do best - drive innovation and competition for the benefit of both consumers and businesses. It’s already happened with the airline industry and telecommunications (most recently with the NBN), and now’s the time it happened in the delivery business. Specifically, we recommended that they open up in three ways. 

1. Open up PO boxes 

Core to our submission is a recommendation to open up Australia Post’s PO box network. This expansive network is key for consumers across Australia, but particularly those within regional and remote areas. 

2. Open up its national delivery infrastructure

We believe that opening up Australia Post as a utility through public-private partnerships could lead to significant benefits for consumers and small businesses, as well as help modernise Australia Post and keep it competitive. 

3. Open up via worksharing with third parties

Put simply, worksharing unbundles the postal value chain, giving third party partners the ability to perform certain functions of the postal service and access to its delivery network in exchange for reduced rates. The US Postal Service made this move more than 40 years ago and it works brilliantly.

Opening up efficiency is what we do 

person holding shipping materials boxes mailers and shipping labels

Our response to the government’s call for submissions echoes what we’ve already been doing on behalf of small businesses. To deliver simple, reliable and affordable shipping services, we’ve partnered with a dynamic delivery network around Australia. It’s how we deliver lower cost and lighter touch shipping to our small business customers who have so many other things to focus on.

We’re excited by the possibility of Australia Post opening up so that we can tap into their publicly-funded infrastructure on a fair and competitive basis. Here’s to a future where we can deliver even better outcomes for our customers, and Australia Post too.

Want the full details? Read Sendle’s submission on modernising Australia Post

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