Coronavirus update

As an essential service, Sendle is open for business across Australia and the United States. We're working harder than ever to deliver parcels for our small business customers and we want to help you thrive.

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Sustainability | 3 min read
July 1, 2021

The case for compostable packaging

More and more, your eCommerce customers demand packaging that won't end up in landfill. That's why we offer an earth-friendly alternative to your usual packaging. Fully ...
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Sendle AU | 3 min read
June 18, 2021

Shipping to the EU? New VAT rules are on the way

On 1 July 2021, the European Union (EU) will introduce an overhaul of the EU VAT scheme, which will have important changes for non-EU businesses that sell to EU-based ...
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Sendle News | 2 min read
June 1, 2021

Sendle integrates with Squarespace for streamlined shipping for your store

Creating an eCommerce store is easier than ever. You can build a beautiful storefront and line up all the important pieces (payment, marketing, shipping), all without ...
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Sendle News | 2 min read
May 14, 2021

Introducing a better way to manage your Sendle account

At Sendle, we’re always looking for ways to make shipping simpler for you. Staying up to date with your shipments is so important and so we’ve made some changes to our ...
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Customer Stories | 25 min read
May 10, 2021

Hey Sendler, S2, E2: A masterclass in balancing your 9 to 5 with your side hustle

For episode two of our second season, we’re talking about skin. Specifically, how to make your skin silky soft and healthy. To help us, we had on Ashley Cummings of Natural ...
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Sustainability | 6 min read
April 21, 2021

3 big ways small businesses can step up their sustainability efforts

When it comes to environmental impact, today’s consumers are more informed than ever before and demand a new level of transparency. And it's not just conscious consumers, ...
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Packing & Shipping | 27 min read
April 1, 2021

Hey Sendler, S2, E1: Why you should be investing in amazing unboxing experiences

We're back! And we're kicking off season two of Hey Sendler with something flashy and fun—sustainable packaging! To tell us all about amazing unboxing experiences, we've got ...
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Sendle AU | 4 min read
March 14, 2021

2021 pricing (AU): New domestic rates and international discounts

We’re proud to be Australia’s top-rated parcel delivery service. From desert to coast, the whole reason we exist is to help our small business community thrive by providing a ...
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Customer Stories | 33 min read
March 3, 2021

Hey Sendler, Ep 8: Spinning sustainable yarns with knitwear brand SSKEIN

For our last episode of 2020, Jenn had on Elisa Yip of the knitwear brand SSKEIN. Utilizing the sustainable fur of the noble alpaca, she has been able to create a longer ...
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Sustainability | 12 min read
February 18, 2021

Buying & selling sustainably with cerqular: Meet the founders

Going online and finding what you want to buy is simple. Search engines have guaranteed us the ability to search for pants, find them, and purchase them with ease. But, ...
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Sendle USA | 3 min read
January 26, 2021

Sendle + Kidizen: Helping parents shop, sell, and ship sustainably in the US

Marketplaces are all the rage these days. They offer you the opportunity to reach new, already engaged, shoppers and sell more of your wares without having to put so much ...
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Sendle USA | 3 min read
January 4, 2021

2021 US pricing: New year, new rates

Sendle is committed to bringing the best rates coupled with the best shipping for our small businesses. With a new year comes new rates. And this year is no different.
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Sustainability | 5 min read
December 17, 2020

2020 Year in Review: Whoa, that was a lot

Years come and go and, at the end of each, we look back to see how far we’ve come or to think back on the good times. Then there’s 2020, a year that’ll be hard to forget (no ...
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Webinars | 31 min read
December 8, 2020

Hey Sendler, ep 7: Finders Keepers, 2020 and beyond

For this seventh episode of Hey Sendler, we were joined by Finders Keepers’  Co-Founder, Sarah Thornton. If you don’t know, The Finders Keepers is an online marketplace full ...
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Webinars | 36 min read
November 27, 2020

Retail Charm School, birthday edition: Making cookies, raising funds

Friend of Sendle and retail coach extraordinaire, Chris Guillot, does a regular show on her Instagram (@merchantmethod) called Retail Charm School. She dedicated this episode ...
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eCommerce Platforms | 38 min read
November 20, 2020

Optimising for Online: A webinar brought to you by Shopify, Stripe, and Sendle

Christmas 2020 is expected to be the busiest online shopping season in Australian history! To help our small business community get prepared early, we held a virtual event ...
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Customer Stories | 39 min read
November 19, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 6: Harnessing social change through small business

Here we are with our sixth episode of Hey Sendler! This time, Jenn chats with Jenni Moon of No Rival Industries, a startup focused on impact projects that make positive ...
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Sendle AU | 4 min read
November 16, 2020

AU Sendlers: Overseas sending just got a lot cheaper this Christmas

In the strange year that 2020 has been, Christmas is more about gifts than gatherings. So, sending presents to family and friends overseas is going to be that extra bit ...
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eCommerce Platforms | 3 min read
November 11, 2020

Woo! Our US WooCommerce dashboard integration is live

WooCommerce is the eCommerce platform of choice for over a million online stores in the US alone. Our new dashboard integration gives these sellers a simple way to ship 100% ...
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Customer Stories | 38 min read
October 28, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 5: Three dads and a sustainable side hustle

For our fifth episode of Hey Sendler, Jenn convened a gathering of the dads from Jill & Joey to talk about their sustainable reusable bag side hustle. They are our first beta ...
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Small Business Marketing | 30 min read
October 21, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 4:  Making products pop with great photography

For our fourth episode of Hey Sendler, Jenn talked with Shidume Lozada all about product photography. Nothing sells a product online as well as incredible photography and in ...
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Webinars | 36 min read
September 28, 2020

Hey Sendler, ep 3: Self-care for the small business owner [Webinar]

Welcome to the third episode of our ongoing webinar series, Hey Sendler! This time Jenn spoke with Moji Igun, founder of Blue Daisi Consulting, to talk about self-care for ...
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Sustainability | 4 min read
September 24, 2020

Standing in solidarity with the 2020 global youth climate strikers

It’s incredible how a crisis brings people together. Whether it's an airborne virus or climate disasters wreaking havoc, we've united to help our communities get through it.
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Sendle USA | 4 min read
September 18, 2020

Do you have a wildfire relief project? Let Sendle help

Another wildfire season is proving truly devastating, with towns reduced to ash and wildlife habitats completely decimated.
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Customer Stories | 31 min read
September 14, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 2: Getting the sauce on Boon [Webinar]

Welcome to the second installment of Hey Sendler, our first ever webinar series where we talk to small business owners and small business experts to learn their unique ...
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Sustainability | 2 min read
September 7, 2020

The votes are in and nature wins: Our newest carbon offset projects

Every year, Sendlers get to have their say on what carbon offset projects we invest in to keep every shipment 100% carbon neutral. 
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Sendle USA | 2 min read
August 31, 2020

We're keeping it simple with zero peak surcharges

The holiday season is hectic for small businesses all across America. Add to that a global pandemic and the resulting eCommerce boom, and you’ve got your work cut out for ...
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Customer Experience | 38 min read
August 26, 2020

Hey Sendler, Ep 1: Developing relationships with paying customers [Webinar]

Welcome to the first installment of Hey Sendler, our brand new webinar series. Over the coming episodes, we will talk to small business experts and owners to learn tips and ...
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Sendle USA | 2 min read
August 24, 2020

Standing in solidarity with our sisters in logistics, the USPS

The mailing of packages and letters connects people throughout the United States and beyond—especially during these times of necessary isolation. The US Postal Service has ...
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