Prefer to zip through the fast lane? Or would you rather slow down by a few mph’s and turn on cruise control? No matter which speed you like to send at, you’ve got plenty of cheap shipping options with Sendle.

Now, we’re not exactly automotive experts (does the Cyber Truck come with cruise control?). But we know a thing or two about making life a lot less headache-inducing, and a lot more efficient.

When you ship traditionally, you’re more likely to encounter a lack of shipping options that ideally fit your needs, business goals, or budget. For example, some carriers might require you to meet a quantity minimum to qualify for faster shipping service. Or, they may gatekeep the cheaper options and reserve the best deals only for big businesses.

For small businesses, it's far from being a fair playing field. Without options, it can feel a lot like when you’re stuck in gridlocked traffic, unable to get off the packed highway and on your way. Fortunately, Sendle’s your fast pass to get back to business as usual sooner. And that’s because we give small businesses more options to get unstuck, save a lot of bucks, and stay in motion.


ELI5: How does Sendle work to keep rates affordable and service fast?

To keep with the car metaphors, we could say that Sendle works like a hybrid car. Like how a hybrid vehicle has a combined electric and fuel motor, Sendle uses a national delivery network composed of diverse, already-existing shipping routes.

When you book a package, it's matched to the best and most efficient route within our nationwide network. Sendle then picks up your package and fills up empty spaces on trucks already on the road, cutting down on time and costs and remaining as low-impact as possible. Simple, affordable, and fast shipping: done!

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Better shipping to keep growing and optimizing your business

Fine-tuning your business as it grows is necessary. It’s similar to switching out old tires for newer, sleeker ones. These sorts of changes result in your business (and your vehicle, if you’re also taking all the car advice in stride) running faster and smoother.

Efficient shipping is a major part of making sure your business doesn’t hit any snags in the road. Needing more flexibility with your shipping services isn’t out of the ordinary – it’s actually a good sign that you’re growing in the right direction. Traditional shipping will beg to differ to make you pay more for wiggle room, but we never will.

There should never be a penalty if you need to ship a package faster than usual, or want to save some more money on certain shipments. Sendle gives small businesses more options to choose from and no silly limitations to keep you from doing what you need to do.


Options, options, get your better shipping options here!

In the U.S., Sendle has four services that you can pick and choose from. Let’s talk about the differences between Sendle Saver, Sendle Preferred, and Sendle 3-Day and 2-Day shipping.


Which Sendle service should you choose for your business?

Here’s a quick overview of the four shipping services you can choose when you ship in the U.S.:

  • Sendle Saver: Delivery in 2-8 days, including free $100 Sendle Cover
  • Sendle Preferred: Delivery in 1-5 days, including free $150 Sendle Cover
  • 3-Day Delivery Guaranteed: Delivery in 3 business days or less from the first scan, including free $150 Sendle Cover
  • 2-Day Delivery Guaranteed: Delivery in 2 business days or less from the first scan, including free $150 Sendle Cover

No matter which delivery service you choose, you and your customers can enjoy all these perks for no additional cost:

  • Free pickups from your door and convenient package drop offs
  • Free real-time tracking
  • Sendle Cover included
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% carbon-neutral shipping

us sendle shipping service features in a bubble outside delivery truck us sendle shipping service features in a bubble at an office setup


Affordable, reliable, and simple small business shipping: that’s Sendle

More options mean even more ways to save and put your time, energy, and money where it really matters. That’s all there is to it! Try any of these Sendle delivery options in the U.S. and enjoy better shipping from the get-go.


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