We know how fast small businesses like to go. Sendle 2-Day Guaranteed is our fastest shipping service to date – and it's here for small businesses to take the lead.

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While we’re not loading packages into an F1 car, we’re always eyeing the finish line to deliver your goods on time and in one piece. Now's the time to diversify your shipping without sacrificing speed. Well, you asked us for even speedier shipping and a better alternative to UPS. So we listened.

Sendle’s 2-Day Guaranteed is here. And it’s ready to take small businesses to the podium for a well-earned victory through fast shipping.

Small businesses don't have to choose between speed or affordable delivery – it's all rolled into one simple, swift service. You're also paying less for super-fast service with Sendle compared to UPS. And you won't be missing out on the reliable shipping you already get with Sendle – plus the free perks you love, like tracking and real-time support. Good value should never come at an extra cost from your wallet or your watch.

Benefits of Sendle’s 2-Day Guaranteed fast shipping:

  • We’ll deliver your packages in 2 business days or less from the first pick-up or drop off scan.
  • If your package isn’t delivered within 2 business days from the first scan, we’ll refund you the entire cost of the delivery.
  • Free tracking and Sendle Cover up to $150 are included, of course. At no extra cost to you.
  • And every package is shipped 100% carbon neutral – at no extra cost. 

Sendle helps you hit the asphalt with everything you’ve got to go head-to-head against the big guys. Our quickest 2-day fast shipping service so far has small businesses even better equipped to take home the championship while stacking up savings. Cheers to crossing the finish line in record time.

Learn more about 2-Day Guaranteed shipping and head to your Sendle Dashboard to ship away.


Send a package in 2 days

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