Small business shipping rates for 2024 will apply to packages sent on or after January 21. While some rates will be going up, others will go down and you’ll continue to rack up significant savings on shipping for small business!

Small business shipping rates for 2024 will apply to packages sent on or after January 21. While some rates will be going up, a lot will be going down! You’ll continue to rack up significant savings from Sendle’s cheap shipping rates across certain weights and zones.


Starting on January 21:

1. Some rates will go up on Saver and Preferred shipments under 1lb.

2. Some Saver rates for shipments of 1lb and over are going down in certain zones. In some zones, you can send anything from a football to power tools and save as much as $1.72!

3. Rates will go up on Preferred shipments over 1lb. But in some zones, rates will be dropping. That means you can ship a few hardcover books or a special-edition soccer ball and save up to $4.19!

We know that every dollar counts when you’re a small business. The good news is that you’ll still be getting the lowest shipping rates in town – plus some nice perks.

Sendle still gets you the most out of simple, affordable, and reliable shipping, including:

  • Free pickups from your door
  • Sendle Cover up to $150 on every shipment
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% carbon neutral shipping at no extra cost

Keep saving more with Sendle and ship on the ☀️ side. Head to your Sendle Dashboard for exact pricing and to book a package.


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Use Sendle’s Instant Shipping Calculator 💸

Beginning on January 21, you can save more when shipping across certain weights and zones! Easily get a quote from our Instant Shipping Calculator by entering your package and destination details. Then, simply click and choose the best Sendle service for your needs.

Never pay hidden fees or meet any minimums. Sendle always only provides you with the best rates around, for whatever and wherever you ship!


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