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Alissa is Sendle’s Australian Content Strategy Manager. She joined Sendle 2021 after 4.5 years leading a team of UX content designers at Australia Post. Her role at Sendle is all about storytelling – stories about amazing and inspirational small business owners, new products to make shipping easier and more affordable, and how Sendle is leading the way in sustainable shipping. Alissa has a Master’s degree in Communication from RMIT, a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Visual Culture) from Monash University. She specialises in content strategy and content design.

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Alissa Holder's blogs

Customer Stories | 9 min read
August 14, 2023

Ship & Save is here! Meet four Sendlers already loving it

Say hello to Ship & Save. It’s our new loyalty program that’s all about rewarding you: the more you ship, the more you save. With discounts of up to 55% off our new low ...
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Customer Stories | 8 min read
July 19, 2023

Why The WOD Life has 150,000 reasons to love Sendle

It started with a single super-fast skipping rope 10 years ago. Here’s how it’s going now (with a bit of help from Sendle savings).
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Customer Stories | 7 min read
May 16, 2023

Go for Zero: sexy B Corp saving $3 every time they ship with Sendle

Gubbi Gubbi (South East Queensland) B Corp, Go for Zero, recently added sustainable sexual wellness products to their roster of Australian-made, waste-free and toxin-free ...
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Customer Stories | 12 min read
April 18, 2023

What’s the secret to growing a not-so-small business?

Andres Herrero was months into an engineering career when he had an inkling the 9-5 life wasn’t for him. After an overseas pilgrimage and some soul searching, he decided to ...
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Sendle AU | 5 min read
March 1, 2023

Australia's cheapest parcel? It's 250g and starts from $3.98*

What can $4 get you these days? Perhaps a servo meat pie, probably a new toothbrush, definitely a pen. Well, hold on to your hats folks because, as of today, you can get ...
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Customer Stories | 6 min read
February 28, 2023

Ham, cheese and a tasty $21k saved per year thanks to Sendle

Would you eat a peanut butter and canned spaghetti toasted sandwich on a dare?
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Sustainability | 18 min read
January 12, 2023

7 tips for SMBs in 2023, from the Sendle brains trust

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but there are some pretty cluey people at Sendle. Our team is made up of experts in sustainability, product development, sales, ...
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Sustainability | 6 min read
October 31, 2022

Green Friday: an earth-friendly alternative to frenzied consumerism

In less than a month, we’ll be in the grip of the biggest online shopping event in the world…Black Friday 🖤🛍️🛒 . But, with more buying and selling comes an even bigger ...
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Sustainability | 6 min read
September 14, 2022

Sendle Academy: Six steps to sustainable shipping

You’ve survived six whole weeks of Sendle Academy, and your report card is in. Read on for the most important takeaways from the last six weeks and to find out if you’ve ...
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Sustainability | 3 min read
July 27, 2022

Single-use ain't sexy: recycle with Sendle & Great Plastic Rescue

When you think of lightweight, single-use plastic bags, what comes to mind? Is it the moment your grocery haul spewed from the flimsy torn bag, scrambling your eggs ...
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Small Business Marketing | 7 min read
July 14, 2022

6 reasons free samples make eCommerce marketing sense

We’ve all walked by the person handing out a new weird and wonderful tasting chocolate in the supermarket or department store (don’t mind if I do!). Some of us may have ...
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Packing & Shipping | 9 min read
June 29, 2022

4 ways to celebrate with a greener new financial year

The ticking over from one financial year to another is a really good time for a small business sustainability temperature check. Luckily, there are a ton of ways you can make ...
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