Australia's cheapest parcel? It's 250g and starts from $3.98*

What can $4 get you these days? Perhaps a servo meat pie, probably a new toothbrush, definitely a pen.

Well, hold on to your hats folks because, as of today, you can get shipping that’s trackable, insured and 100% carbon neutral for under $4, with Sendle. 

Retrieve your jaw from the floor, and read on…

We’re talking about 250g Sendle Pouch, our weight break designed for shipping small or light things. Why? Because we’ve just dropped the price to help your small business even more (we know it's tough out there, right now). 

By using the 250g Sendle Pouch, we're saving more than $8k per year on shipping!

~ Andreas, Founder and Director, Sydney Sock Project

As of today, Australia’s cheapest parcel starts at just $3.98* (*ex GST and fuel surcharge, when shipping 200+ parcels per month). 

The 250g Sendle Pouch was always Australia’s cheapest parcel, we just made it even cheaper.


Sound on, we promise it'll be worth it


What's to love about 250g, Australia's cheapest parcel?

  • It’s Australia’s cheapest, fully-tracked parcel 🤑 🤑 🤑
  • Priced from $3.98 (ex GST and fuel surcharge)
  • Perfect when shipping small or light things
  • No size or shape limitations (max. 80cm on longest side)
  • New drop off points being added all the time (check your suburb)
  • Free pickup when you send 200+ parcels per month
  • Sendle Cover is included
  • Delivery is 100% carbon neutral


How much will you save with 250g, Australia's cheapest parcel?

We’ve got a mate with a social enterprise, called Sydney Sock Project, who sells really nifty socks that give back – they donate a portion of profits to help combat issues like homelessness, fund cancer research and raise funds for remote schools. Cool right?

What’s even better, is that Sydney Sock Project are saving over $8,000 per year thanks to 250g. And, this calculation is based on their shipping at the old price point of $4.07, so their savings will be even better, moving forward.

That’s less spent on shipping, more money to invest back into their small business, and more for the charities they support. Win, win, win!

Sendle Pouch rates


Sendle Standard^

Sendle Premium^

Sendle Pro#













^ Must be used with drop off. Includes GST, excludes fuel surcharge.
# Exclusive of GST and fuel surcharge.
** Regional and remote rates are indicative only, please visit the Sendle Dashboard for pricing.


What will you ship with 250g, Australia's cheapest parcel?

sendle pouch 250g rubber duck you can sendle anything speech bubble surrounded with small items

Not to sound like a broken record, but there’s LOTS you can ship with 250g – Australia’s cheapest parcel. If you’re shipping the products listed below, give it a try, it could save you thousands!


How to ship with 250g, Australia's cheapest parcel

sendle pouch 250g baseball cards collection 250g texts surrounded with small items

The best bit about 250g, once you recover from the incredible price, is the versatility of this weight break. With other carriers you can only send something this light if it fits through a letterbox slot.

With Sendle, your item weighing up to 250g (including the packaging) and measuring up to 80cm on the longest side can be sent in a:

  • Box (here’s how to resize one you already have)
  • Tube
  • Parcel or satchel
  • A couple of frisbee taped together
  • Really, whatever helps you keep the weight down and will protect the thing you’re sending.


If you’re as excited about 250g Sendle Pouch as we are, it’s helped you save a bunch on your shipping and you want us to tell your brand story, drop us a line.


Start shiping with Australia's cheapest parcel

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