Cheapest shipping in the US for 2022? Try Sendle!

Throughout all of 2021’s twists, turns, and surprises, one thing never changed: Sendle’s commitment to you. Rather than sailing by on the status quo, we set out to bring you the best service possible.

The best 2022 shipping rates in the US

Heading towards peak season, we announced new zones to bring you better value wherever you ship in the US, plus no peak season surcharges to boot. We also launched Sendle Swift, our 2-day Pro service in the Western US – with more states on the way.

The new year brings pricing updates in pretty much every industry. (Thanks, inflation!) Sendle’s not exempt from this fact of life, so starting January 10th, 2022, you’ll see some updates. Some rates will go up, and others will go down, but our rates will still be the best you can find.

2022 Sendle Pro rates and benefits:

Our delivery partner demanded we remove our Sendle Pro rates from our website, but rest assured we’re still fighting to bring you the cheapest rates in the US. If you’re shipping with Sendle Swift, nothing has changed. You get the same great service, from $2.60.

  • 2-day shipping from $2.60 with Sendle Swift
  • Save up to 88% with the Sendle price guarantee
  • Save even more on the heavy stuff when shipping nearby
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2022 Sendle Premium rates and benefits:

  • Ship anywhere in the US from $3.75
  • Save even more on the heavy stuff when shipping nearby

2022 Sendle Standard rates and benefits:

  • Ship anywhere in the US from $4.44
  • Great national flat rates up to 5lb
  • Save even more on the heavy stuff when shipping nearby


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We’re not just about great shipping rates

Some things about Sendle will never change. You can always count on us to provide simple, reliable, and affordable shipping that’s 100% carbon neutral. It’s as good for the planet as it is for your bottom line.

sendle blog us pricing change 2022 shipping carbon neutral badge sendle image

Every time you ship with Sendle you get:

  • Cheapest rates available in market
  • No subscriptions, markups, or surprise fees
  • Free Sendle Cover (for loss)
  • Seamless integrations with leaders in eCommerce
  • A simple, easy-to-use application to send, track, and return packages


Now for the nitty gritty – your 2022 Sendle pricing

Starting January 10th, our US rates go into effect:

blog sendle standard us pricing 2022

blog sendle premium us pricing 2022


Sendle Pro

Minimum 200 packages/month
Ideal for established businesses

Sendle Pro

Sendle Pro gets you all the best bits of Sendle, with the added benefits of better than advertised rates, dedicated customer success/account management team (to showcase your business to our network and get help with things like warehousing solutions and API integration/tech support) and priority access to customer support if things don’t go as expected.

  • From $2.60 to send a package
  • 2-day sending with Sendle Swift
  • Priority customer support
  • Dedicated account management team
  • No subscriptions or extra fees
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Thank you for the opportunity to deliver your biggest year yet in 2022.

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