If you’re a small business, you probably already know what time it is. Starting with a “p” and ending with “-eak season,” it’s easily about to get busier for businesses around the world. And it’s all the more reason why your small business shipping needs to become bulletproof.

Peak season can incite panic, especially when it involves shipping a lot and almost all the time in order for goods to arrive before the big holidays. But did you know that how you ship isn’t limited to just one tried-and-true method? In fact, it’s much more beneficial to have more shipping carriers than it is to solely rely on just one.

Shipping carrier diversification is what will ensure your sales are made and your goods arrive on time.

In this article, you’ll learn about carrier diversification and how you can add more reliable shipping options ahead of the holly, jolly holidays.

What is shipping carrier diversification?

It’s not as out-there of an idea as you think! When you diversify shipping carriers, you’re still delivering your products as you normally would, just with some future-proofing. Shipping for small business becomes more efficient when there are more carriers to route your packages through.

While it might sound complicated, it’s as simple as having more than one carrier available to receive or deliver your package to its final destination – with even more reliable routes opened to you.

Why is this trending now?

This July, there was a 13-day strike at Canada’s Pacific Port that could have resulted in major delays. At the beginning of August, the United States narrowly avoided a UPS strike which would have caused disruptions on a national scale. While both events were fortunately resolved, it doesn’t mean we’re in the clear of similar happenings or otherwise – like natural disasters or other shortages.

Nothing can guarantee the days ahead to be the smoothest of sailings. However, small businesses can easily act now and safeguard their future by diversifying their shipping options. 

The holiday hustle is just starting, and the 2023 peak season is already looking to be exceptional for eCommerce. The eCommerce market in the U.S. is forecasted to hit $1.2 trillion USD this year, while Canada is expecting an 11% increase in sales, surging past $1 billion CAD. It’s great news, but all those sales can result in your holiday shipping facing a few strains during the most wonderful (and perhaps chaotic) time of the year.

Enter carrier diversification, which can give your small business an edge over the competition as we enter peak season.

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What advantages are there to diversifying shipping carriers?

Small businesses can gain a good lead against the big guys by diversifying shipping carriers now. Here’s a quick rundown of why doing so kicks your peak season off on the right foot:

1. It future-proofs your shipping routes.
There’s a myth that having more carriers results in slowdowns. But it’s quite the opposite – Sendle taps into a wide network of carriers to find the best routes for your package. By doing so, slowdowns can be avoided, especially if one particular carrier or route gets overwhelmed during a season, due to weather, or for other reasons.

You don’t want your shipments to be SOL during the holidays. While there may not be major catastrophes, it’s important to prevent any chance of disruptions or delays. Using multiple carriers and thus accessing multiple shipping routes only helps your shipments remain on track and on time.

2. It saves you more time.
We connect your shipments with networks typically reserved for big businesses and open up the most efficient routes to you. That means less time having your package re-routed, and more time back into your (and your customer’s) day. And more time for last-minute holiday gift shopping, of course.

3. It reinforces your business’s bottom line (and your wallet).
Accessing these super-streamlined routes through Sendle doesn’t require you to spend more to reach your customers where they’re at, so you’re paying less for the best available service. Inflation remains a concern among consumers and businesses alike in the U.S. and Canada these days, and it’s all the more vital for small businesses to save wherever possible. This includes saving on shipping costs without cutting corners on providing your customers with a stellar experience.


Even more savings: Don't pay a peak surcharge for the rest of the year with Sendle! Learn more if you're in the United States or Canada.

What can I pass on to my customers?

Letting your customers know how you’re diversifying your small business shipping options can further secure a smooth experience for them and you. There are a few things you can do to keep customers happy and make their holiday ordering even happier:

  • Communicate shipping information promptly. Sendle packages all come with tracking numbers that customers can access anytime and follow their order’s journey. Providing customers with their Sendle tracking information alleviates the need for back-and-forth contact, and gives them peace of mind that their order is being responsibly handled and delivered by reliable carriers.
  • Share which carriers may be delivering at the final mile. A simple email or notification on the day of delivery will help them know which carrier to expect to arrive at their doorstep. This is especially helpful when multiple orders may come from different destinations or warehouses. Customers will appreciate the heads-up so they don’t miss their package, and if they’re unable to receive it personally, they’re aware of which carrier last had possession of their order. You can also re-iterate their Sendle tracking information for them to have handy.
  • Don’t be shy about passing on the benefits! Sendle does the diversifying for you, and we pass the savings onto you to then pass on to your customers. Wins feel even better when they’re celebrated together. Let customers know how much they’ve saved on shipping when they order from your business, as well as how every order is 100% carbon neutral through Sendle.
  • Try new promotions or discounts while spending less on shipping. ‘Tis the season to surprise and delight your customers! Consider trialing promotions like a percentage off of their order or even free shipping for a limited time with your customers this holiday season. Whatever holiday spirit you’re in, take advantage of there being no peak surcharge with Sendle for the rest of the year if you're in the U.S. or Canada.

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There’s no downside to diversifying your shipping carriers. There’s also no such thing as taking too many precautions during a time when your business can see its most sales, and avoid as many snags as possible. This holiday 2023, carrier diversification will be your secret sauce to growing your business, satisfying your customers, and encouraging repeat sales throughout peak and beyond.

Sendle’s got your business’s back to make magic happen this holiday season with affordable, reliable, and diversified shipping. And always without requiring you to spend a pretty penny on holiday shipping.

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