For episode two of our second season, we’re talking about skin. Specifically, how to make your skin silky soft and healthy. To help us, we had on Ashley Cummings of Natural Ash, a skincare side hustle.

Jenn talked to Ashley about her career path prior to starting Natural Ash, what nursing has been like during the pandemic, and how she ended up starting a skincare business on the side.

It was a great episode that will have you wanting to buy some body butter, some lip balm, and maybe even a sweater. 

You can watch the whole webinar below or just read through the full transcript. 


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A masterclass in balancing your 9 to 5 with your passionate side hustle, a chat with Ashley Cummings of Natural Ash (full webinar transcript)

Jenn: Hello. Hello. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

It is another Hey Sendler. So excited to have you all here. Hi Austin. Thanks for joining today. I have the great pleasure of chatting with Ashley from Natural Ash. 

She is an entrepreneur. She is a Registered Nurse by profession and, she works in Oncology. She created the most luxurious and amazing body butter. 

I know because I have it and love it. And, we're going to be chatting today about all things Natural Ash, about Ashley's... 

Hi everyone. Thank you all for joining. This is amazing. Ashley, so much love already. 

So we're going to be chatting about her day-to-day life, how she got started in life and the pandemic. What it's like to be a nurse, what it's like to be an entrepreneur. 

We're going to talk about everything. We'll save some time for questions at the end.

We also are going to be sharing a special Sendle discount code. So if you would like to get your own Natural Ash body butter, you can, we're also going to be doing a fun giveaway. 

So please stay tuned for all of that before we get started. I hope that we're all hydrated. We're all moisturized. We're all feeling amazing. 

I know that times are tough and we're still in a pandemic and things can feel a little wild. So I hope that you're all taking care of yourselves and that you're doing well. And I just want to thank you for taking the time to, spend time with us. 

So before we get started, I'd like to acknowledge that we're on the traditional land of the first people here in Seattle. We recognize the Duwamish for their continuing connection to land, water, and culture.

With that, I'm going to ask Ashley to pop on with us. Ashley, hello, excuse the, hitting buttons and things. So we'll wait for Ashley to hop on. So again, be chatting with Ashley. Very excited to have you all here.

Ashley: Hi!

Jenn: How are you?

Ashley: Good, how are you?

Jenn: Good, thank you. You look beautiful.

Ashley: Thank you. You too.

Jenn: Thank you. How's your day going?

Ashley: Good.

Jenn: That's good. Yeah, I love it. Okay, well, we're here. Welcome to Hey Sendler. 

Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you all for joining us, everyone. That's here in the chat and giving love. Amazing. 

So we're going to save some time for questions at the end. If there are things that you're curious to know, if you have questions yourself, if there's stuff that comes up during our discussion that you'd really love for Ashley to touch on, please…. You would like to know, use the little question mark function or pop it in the comments. 

Hi, Ashley from Recycled & Riches. This is amazing. Look at all these hearts. Everybody is here for you. I love it. I love it. 

Okay. So, I'm just going to kind of jump in. Tell us about you, what you do, who you are, and what Natural Ash is.

Ashley: Sure. Okay. So my name is Ashley. I'm a Registered Nurse, but it took me a long time to get there. I kind of had a different couple different careers. 

I started as an accountant then I went into fashion. I was working at Macy's and their buying department, and that's when I kind of decided to go back to school for nursing. 

So I went back to school for nursing. I did like a really hard one year program finished really fast and then started working in New York City. So I'd been a nurse for about six years and about three years ago, that's when I started Natural Ash. 

And that kind of just came from being a nurse and seeing patients and seeing different skin disorders when they were treated with chemotherapy because I am an Oncology nurse. 

So that's kind of how Natural Ash started.

Jenn: I love it. I think your mom's here, which is… Hi to Ashley's parents. That's beautiful. Welcome. Thank you for joining us. So happy to have you here. That's amazing. 

Okay. So tell us a little bit about what it's like to be an Oncology nurse in general, but also, through COVID like that's, there's a lot going on. 

And I think sometimes with everything that's happening, we sort of forget that people are still going through other, kind of really life-changing things and struggling to, other health issues. 

And so I just love it if you would share with us a little bit about, you know, how that...

Ashley: Sure. So actually started Oncology because I got an interview, a friend of a friend kind of told me about the job and I got an interview and that's how I started. 

So when I actually started looking for jobs, I didn't have a specific area I wanted to get into. I just really wanted a job. So I pretty much, I started in bone marrow transplant and I'm still there. 

And basically, you know, being an Oncology nurse, it's, it's tough because it is a hard time in people's lives and cancer is probably the hardest disease that anybody can go through. 

So just being there, kind of just, like I said, got me to skincare and got me to thinking what was in products and just, just went back to the question day to day. A lot of COVID has changed a lot dramatically with healthcare too.

And I think a big issue was that we focus so much on COVID, that we don't focus on other things that people have issues with. So many of the times other diseases kind of get, not ignored, but kind of put on the back burner because everything is so COVID-heavy. 

So that was, pretty hard just working in the hospital and having to treat patients, but then also treat Oncology, I mean, treat COVID patients. 

So there was a lot of moving around. So a lot of the Oncology nurses were actually in different departments, primarily the COVID unit. So it was a change of pace. And also we just had to kind of keep up with what was going on. 

Right. So now we kind of, don't what to expect me to go to work. We might be on our unit or we might be on another unit, so we just have to be more flexible in terms of where we're going to be working.

Jenn: Okay. That makes sense. And then what's your schedule like, do you have, like specific blocks of time on and then off so that you can kind of go catch stuff or...

Ashley: We pretty much make our schedules I do three twelves, so we do three twelves a week. 

And then when we got to the month we do a four, four-day shift. Okay. So I like to kind of keep my days together, then I can have long stretches and that's when I have time to work on Natural Ash when I have days off. 

So it's a nice balance because the three days are long days, but once I'm done, I'm done and I have a lot of free time.

Jenn: Yeah. That's amazing. Okay. Gives you the time to really focus on Natural Ash, two, are you kind of a one-person shop for Natural Ash is...

Ashley: Yeah, but I mean, my husband helps a lot. He like mails all my stuff, especially if I have to go to work. Yes. So the mailing for me during the holiday, I had him packing orders in me, which was, it's hard to kind of let someone else do it. 

And then my parents actually have helped me before. And then all my friends and my cousins, everybody helps by like, whether it's an Instagram post or, you know, telling somebody else about the product. 

So for the day-to-day stuff, I do a lot of it, but if I couldn't do anything without my family and friends.

Jenn: Yeah. That's amazing. I will say I loved how many people shared our IG Live today. Just kind in their IG stories and people who registered last minute, like your people are definitely hearing about...

Ashley: Calendar invites. They would remember. Cause everybody's...

Jenn: Working please. I do that for work actually with like my Sendle team. I'm always like, so I'm going live today. 

Yeah. It's just a great, like, yes, please join. I would love to have you here. how has that changed for you and your family since COVID started.

Ashley: I guess, well, we're home a lot now. my husband actually works in education and he's a Dean, so he's home all day. So now we're kind of used to just on my days off, we're both here and also going to New York City apartment. 

So kind of trying to figure out who has, what space during the time of the day is difficult. 

And then I think everybody just has anxiety about seeing people. Like every time I go home, I get a COVID test, but I'm still worried because of my parents. 

So I think now there's just, just more anxiety over seeing people and it's hard because you still want to see your family and friends. So it's just figuring out the safest way to do it.

Jenn: Yeah, for sure. I hear the like smooth not be like, this is my office, but my son is like, you can hang out in my playroom kind of, thank you, actually my office, but yes, I appreciate you. 

Okay. I know that you, kind of start in Natural Ash a while ago and you were able to sort of do in-person events and obviously things have changed. And so you're not doing that. 

So how are you sort of getting the word out? What does it look like to be working with people and to try and to like amplify, you know, the message? I saw you were on Buzzfeed the other day.

Ashley: So yeah, that was actually really exciting. back when I launched in February, I already was making it for a few years and my husband, one of my cousins, Jessica, and my roommate iffy, they were the first ones to like really try it. 

And once they tried it and they liked it, I started making it more for other people. And then I was like, okay, I'll just start a business. So it's been a long time running, but in February, that's when I like really launched. 

And I did all the paperwork and everything legal was done. And actually, my first in-person event was at Accenture in February. Cause one of my friends, Naomi, she actually signed me up and didn't like, ask me, cause she knew...

Jenn: I love it.

Ashley: So she signed me up and I was able to, participate in the Black History Month. One of their vendor, one of their vendor events. 

So I did that and that was like a nice self-esteem boost just to be in front of people and talk about the process a little bit. Right.

And then pretty much a month later COVID happened and there was no more in-person events. 

So I was just relying on Instagram, word of mouth, my website. And then in the Fall, I was able to do another amount with a friend, Bravo. 

She has a Supernova Crystal that's her business. She actually had a, like an event with yoga and sound, so I was able to do an event with her. Awesome. 

So hopefully like now as times are going on, we can get more events happening. So that was the biggest challenge is that not being able to see people and it's a body product, so people want to try it.

Jenn: Right. And you want to be able to touch it and feel it, smell it and sort of get that. 

Yeah. Yes. I hear that. You talked a little bit about like filing all the paperwork and sort of making everything, I guess like legit official. 

I would love to hear if you have advice for other small business owners on what to do, what are some places that maybe you like try to take a shortcut and then you were like, that was a terrible idea. 

Or places where you were like, yes, this was great, do it.

Ashley: I definitely for, I guess for any state, when you're filing to be an LLC, I actually filled out the paperwork myself and my husband's like, you should hire someone. I'm like, no, I could do it. 

It's just like filling out paperwork. So they would, if you mail it in, it takes like forever for it to come back. So then I would get it back a month later with like one minor error. So I would have to send the whole thing back and wait again. 

And he's like, you should've just pay for it. I'm like, okay, it's fine. So finally that was done and that was fine. But then I'm trying to trademark Natural Ash. 

And for that process, I definitely suggest just get a lawyer because the first time I did it myself and now I have a lawyer to try to appeal the arguments that they had, and just seeing what she wrote, I could have never written like even a paragraph of what she did. 

So it's definitely important just to invest in yourself where when you can, when you're ready, cause then you can kind of save time and actually save money in the long run too. Yeah.

Jenn: Yeah. Definitely. I feel like it's so important to figure out what those concessions are going to make and what are the places where you're like, absolutely not. 

Because you make and jar all of the body butter yourself already. Yes. That's amazing. Okay. 

You told us a little bit about sort of how you got to nursing, but I'd love to hear a little bit more about your career progression. 

We talked about this a little bit like separately, but just kind of, how paths aren't always, what's the word I want like a linear, I guess like, like being in fashion and being in accounting, like what were the things that, you know, took you away from those places are worse than like ways that you feel like those things have helped you kind of get to where you are right now.

Ashley: So in school, I chose accounting and finance because I knew I would get a job and I knew I would get a decent, like well-paying job where I could like move on at my parents' house and get an apartment and move to New York. 

Plus, you know, my father told me I'm paying for you to go to school. So you need to have a degree that you can get a job,

Jenn: Love this energy.

Ashley: And I think my brother told me, he was like, ‘Oh, just apply to business school.’ And I did it and I got in and I just stuck with it. And then I started working, you know, it was good money for a college grad. 

I was living in New York City, but then I was working like 12 hour days as an accountant, like seven days a week. And it just wasn't fun. I was 23, 24 at the time. And I was like, I don't want to do this. 

So then I stayed there for about a year and a half and I just started to apply to different jobs and I applied to Macy's and their buying office. And I thought that you know, fashion might be a little more fun. 

Maybe like a younger group of people. So I was there for about three, like maybe almost three years.

Yeah. And I did enjoy it, but I just, again, I just didn't feel any reward from it. I just felt like I was going to work day to day and I just didn't get anything from the job. 

So that's when I started researching nursing programs because healthcare has always kind of been in my life just because of, you know, family and personal stories. So then I started researching programs and I've realized you could do programs in like a year, if you already have a degree. 

That's when I applied to Stony Brook and I did that program for a year and I graduated and then moved back to the city and started working. 

So it's a, I did a kind of a long road to where I am now, but even like my business degree right now helps me and what I learned and then just working in a retail company and no one thinks about minimums and cost and pricing and then being in nursing and just having a health background, like everything kind of came...

Jenn: Come together. Yeah, yeah.

Ashley: Kind of, I've always said, I want to be able to use all my, like all my education and work experience into like one and that's what Natural Ash is.

Jenn: Yeah. That's amazing. When you were thinking about launching Natural Ash , I know it like came, I guess, organically from sort of on body butter. 

Is there other, like stuff that you want to add to the line or, I know you have lip balm and the body butter.

Ashley: I actually have everything here. So I have the main, let's see, I have the mini, which is pretty much, you can put this in your purse, in your car except for the summer. Cause it will melt because of it is butter. 

And then I have the two size jars, and then also the lip balm. Oh, and yes, you have one too.

Jenn: I do. I have my lip balm too, just not right here.

Ashley: Right now I think I'm good with that, but I also want to get into apparel. So I actually have on, this sweatshirt, NAB for Natural Ash Body and the launch date and on the back, it says 'care beneath your skin'. So that will be launching soon. 

So watch out for that. So just to kind of stay in the skincare and then apparel realm. Okay. But like comfortable with that. Yeah.

Jenn: Cozy. Yeah. I love all of this love that's coming through. Yes. Okay. There is a question that popped up and I made it happen. 

‘Have you had any abroad healthcare experience that has influenced Natural Ash?’

Ashley: Yes, actually I did a mission trip to Haiti in 2016. So I was there for about a week and we ran a clinic. So we did everything from bringing the medications, seeing the patients, treating whether it was skin, skin issues like hypertension, anything pretty much everything. 

Yeah. and I guess that impacted Natural Ash just because again, there were a lot of skin disorders from the patients and sometimes it was eczema and they just didn't know how to treat it appropriately. 

So I think that a lot of the skin issues and dry skin, body butter is a great way to help that.

Jenn: That's awesome. [crosstalk] saying 'thanks for asking the question'. 

Of course. No problem. Thank you for joining us. 

Okay. I'd love to know more just about like how you got to the formula that you have, like, what's important to you when you're making it like, the scents that you landed on. Just kind of all of the like logistical technical things that go into it. 

And then you say like, okay, yes, this is what I want it to be. This feels amazing. And I'd also love to know like what you've used it for, when you use it, how you use it, all that good stuff.

Ashley: I landed on the formula probably just by just trial and error and trying different ways to make it. I guess one of the one time I made it, it was like extremely hard. 

It was like, you couldn't even spread it. And I was like, I just changed the, I guess the formula of as far as what butters I was using. And once I got to where I liked it, that's what I stuck with. 

So I think like one time my cousin was like, I can't put this on. And I'm like, sure, you can just keep rapping it, it's like way too hard. So I think that helps get through where I am now. 

As far as using it, I use it every day, after the shower, like that's one thing I use. Yeah. Yeah. And, it's great. Especially like at work, it's so drying in the hospital, so it definitely helps with the heat and everything that's happening in the hospital.

Jenn: I feel like with just washing my hands more like in my "playroom". And I use it after I wash my hands all the time.

Ashley: So, yeah. And I definitely bring everything like the little one to work because I can just put on, cause we wash our hands. I don't even want to know how many times a day. So it definitely helps...

Jenn: Best formula ever. So smooth and silky. Okay. Another question that came in, 'Is there anyone you wouldn't suggest it for? By the way, I have naturally oily skin on paper.' 

It shouldn't work for. Oh, okay. I see. Like she's saying, different skin types. Like, do you feel like it's not recommended.

Ashley: I'd say if you have a nut allergy, don't use it. It does derived from nuts. So don't use that. pretty much I would just watch out for allergies. 

And if you think you might have a reaction, I would with anything I would say don't use it. As far as the body, I mean, Shea butter is, it's not pore, not pore-clogging. Sorry. So it's great for all skin types, but skin too.

Jenn: It's amazing. My brother's a chef. Yeah. Has really dry hands. He uses it. We're all big fans in my house.

Ashley: And I always say, just test a small area just to see how your skin reacts to it. Just like with anything, the little ones are great for testing out, finding upsets in what you like. So those are good too.

Jenn: Perfect. Okay. Let's see. More questions. Ooh. 'Is it safe to use on your face? Wearing a mask can be so drying for me.'

Ashley: Again with a face everybody's face is different, whether you're oily or combination or dry skin. So I've used it on my face before and I was fine, but you just have to kind of test it and see how it is for you.

Jenn: I used some on my face this morning as a highlighter, so… Awesome for eczema too.

Ashley: Definitely

Jenn: Rosacea, all of these things. okay. 'What have been some of your biggest challenges, Natural Ash and kind of being a nurse and an entrepreneur?'

Ashley: I guess one of the biggest challenges would be, being a small business, you're at a point where like you can't buy like large amounts of say, jars, right you buy like a smaller amount. 

So sometimes price and cost is a factor where you can't get a lot of the, I guess, cost-effective deals at a bigger company would get, so things are more expensive. Like shipping, packaging, everything's more expensive. 

So sometimes that's reflected in a lot of prices for small businesses. So that's one of the biggest challenges because you always get people who ask me, 'well, why do I have to pay shipping?' 

Oh, that's because you know, small businesses, it's hard to afford shipping. If we paid for shipping, then we literally wouldn't make like anything.

Jenn: There's no margin.

Ashley: Right. So I think that's a challenge and just, kind of just figuring out what I'm doing. Cause it's all new to me. 

I feel like I'm on Google, like all the time trying to find the answer to something. And then I guess time management, just because I am working and you know, I'm so tired when I get home, but I still try to do like little things that doesn't require too much thinking,

Jenn: Like posting on Instagram.

Ashley: Yeah. That's like another, that's so hard to, it's hard to keep up, but that's kinda how I balance from day to day.

Jenn: Hi everyone. Thank you for joining. Okay. Really quick. I'm just going to let everybody know if you're just joining or if you only got here a few minutes ago, I'm chatting with Ashley from Natural Ash, she is an entrepreneur and a nurse. She is the creator of Natural Ash body butter, which is amazing and luxurious. 

If you have questions, feel free to pop them in the questions section. One from Austin now. ‘Hi Ashley and Jenn. What was the process like sourcing the ingredients for your products?’ I love this.

Ashley: That can be challenging because of, I guess just availability of some products with shipping. 

Yeah. I do have a relationship with one of my vendors, so yeah. So I tend to go to them a lot for a lot of my ingredients because they can tell me where the ingredients come from. 

But a lot of the challenge with COVID is just availability of product. Just especially like glass jars now glass jars, like so hard to come by because people are preserving food.

Jenn: Because everybody makes jam now.

Ashley: Yes, exactly. So now it's hard and I can't, you know, they have deals on like Alibaba for glass jars, but you need a minimum of like 10,000 and I can't, I'm not there yet.

Jenn: You're like this isn't going to fit in my apartment.

Ashley: Yeah, exactly.

Jenn: Okay. let's see. So yeah, if you're just joining us, feel free to pop any questions into the little question mark section, feel free to put them in the comments, whatever makes you happy. 

Let's see. One more. 'Is there a lifeline or storage suggestion, how long would it last?'

Ashley: Yes, I would say, store somewhere between one to two years, anything over two years, probably just born to get rid of at that point.

Jenn: You will use it before two years is up.

Ashley: That's that's what we should be doing usually is using our stuff. 

But, as far as storage, like room temperature, you don't want it to be too hot because then it could melt in and then you don't want to be too cold cause then it would harden. So it's very, it's very sensitive as far as the temperatures go. Okay.

Jenn: Okay. 'As an insomniac. The lavender has been a lifesaver.' That does sound so like soothing and calming.

Ashley: Yeah. Someone else said right before bed. Nicole said right before bed. So that's why I made that one. It's just very calming. Kind of wind you down from your day.

Jenn: That's perfect. Modern Haitian said 'I use mine in a month. They are very well priced.' I am here for it. Yeah. 'Love the lemongrass. I put it in my hair.' 'The lavender works great on babies.' Yes. I use the, I use the unscented. But my son loves it. He's three.

Ashley: And that's what I made it to. I wanted something that everybody could use. Like if you have skin it's going to work for you.

Jenn: Yes. And we all have skin, people. I'm sorry. My dog is having a moment. Okay. What are some of your favorite small businesses?

Ashley: So Terra-Tory makes a soap and I love that soap. She has the, it's like a peppermint infused one and everything's natural. 

There's no harmful ingredients. It's just literally just a soap that you can use every day. And it's great for eczema too. Cause it won't dry out your skin. I think a lot of the times people focus on moisturizers, but also you need a good cleanser cause again, work together. 

Another one is The Candle Gawdess. The owner's name is April she's, she takes soy-based candles, which also have no chemicals. 

And actually, from her, I started learning about what's in candles and how, when they burn, they start to like, you know, they burn into the air and you're in your home. And also hers like don't have any soot cause she used sometimes she uses the wood wick. So I love for candles too. So it's like two of my favorites right now.

Jenn: Amazing. Great shout-out. So much love happening. 'What or who inspires you?'

Ashley: My husband inspires me. He's very, he's a creative. He is, he is professionally, he's a Dean, but his passion comes from his art in him creating all the time. 

And you know, I joke with him and I say like, he has minions in his brain because he's always like going a mile a minute, but that's what keeps him going. And it's actually very motivating to see him, you know, work on his projects and then get recognized. 

And he's like always on an IG Live or somebody's always interviewing and I'm like, Oh, I want to do that. So I'm very excited about this because now I like, and he's only uses Natural Ash. 

He's like such a big supporter. So I couldn't like do it without him. So...

Jenn: That's beautiful. I love the inspiration. Oh, ‘perfect description of Sean.’ Oh, so much love for Sean here. This is so perfect. I love this. ' Okay. So everyone I'm here.'

Ashley: 'I'm the husband of Natural Ash.'

Jenn: Hello husband of Natural Ash. Okay. Any other products in the pipeline for hair or soap I know you mentioned the sweatshirt.

Ashley: Yes. Hair. No. Here's like, here's so difficult. There's so many different hair textures. 

So not right now with hair. And I definitely have thought about soap, or at least maybe like a scrub, a scrub soap or something like that. 

So that's definitely in the thoughts. We'll see about that.

Jenn: So much love happening for your family in the comments right now and it's really beautiful.

Ashley: Thank you, guys.

Jenn: I love this. I love this. Thank you everyone for joining us. Okay. I'm going to do another call-out for questions. 

So if you would like to know something, anything, you're curious, the question icon on the bottom, feel free to use the comment section. 

I would love for you to share the discount code for folks who are watching... There's a, in that. So I would love for you to share the, discount code and tell us all the places that people can find you.

Ashley: So, the discount code for today, it's called Sendle30. So it's 30% off. 

So if you want to get anything, get it today. And again, you can. is the website where you can find everything or you could actually go through Instagram @NaturalAshBody.

Jenn: Perfect. I'm going to pin that to the thing. So that's the discount code. Go buy all of your body butter, Sendle 30 for 30% off. When do you hope the sweatshirts are launching?

Ashley: I honestly, I want to do it like this coming week next week. Yeah. Just trying to knock it out and then it's here.

Jenn: Perfect. I love it. Okay. So we're going to do something special. We're going to give away one of the body butters. I would love to give away sweatshirt too. 

We're going to kind of keep an eye on when Ashley has them launched. I'm so sorry. I saw a bunch of people popped in the, IG Live from Australia giveaways only open to us customers, but feel free to pop your IG handle in the comments. 

Trang is lovely and gracious and she's going to be writing everybody's name down. If you're interested in winning, please share your IG handle so that we can do one of those random generator things to pick a winner, 'placing an order from the UK...' 

I love that. Perfect. Okay. Yep. Hello. So Trang's here, pop your IG handle in the comments so that we can write everything down. We're going to get body butter and a sweatshirt to one lucky winner who I wish was me, but will not be, so take advantage.

Okay. 'When will you have more lip balm?'

Ashley: Oh, this week. I'm working on it today after this.

Jenn: I love it. Okay. Perfect. Happening. Let's see. 'Not a question. Ash being cut from a different cloth. Can't wait to have you speak to our Brockton babies.' Oh.

Ashley: Yeah. So that's one of my friends from high school and she's a Dean at a school. So we're doing a Zoom for young girls.

Jenn: That's amazing. I love that. Okay. 'UK shipping'...

Ashley: It's in the, I'm trying, I'm trying.

Jenn: Sendle is too. I know you all want international shipping. It is something that we hear and people will definitely find out from us when it's coming. 

Perfect. Okay. When will we ship And then 'a timeframe of international shipping.' So to come, 'I need a sweatshirt'. This is amazing. Perfect. 

Okay. Anything else that anyone is curious about or has questions about?

Jenn: Do you have anything you would like to share with us?

Ashley: I just wanna say thank you for having me.

Jenn: Of course.

Ashley: I love this. this was my first IG Live and I was very excited.

Jenn: It was amazing.

Ashley: And it's been so nice talking to you though, like the end of last year and this year.

Jenn: Yeah. It's been amazing. No, I'm really glad. 

I do want to say, I think one of the things that we talked about that we didn't touch on today is just sort of this idea of community over competition. 

And I feel like that's so, obvious in the comments today of just like how many people are here to support you and lift you up and really like be present for these things. And that just is really amazing. And so that yeah, yeah.

Ashley: It all comes back. Everybody can win.

Jenn: Yes. Yeah. For all of us. This was amazing. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Ashley: Thank you everybody for coming on. I really appreciate it.

Jenn: Amazing. Perfect. Okay. Well, we'll have this up on our, on our feed. I can speak.. up on our feed. 

We'll have a transcript available if folks need it, we'll do the giveaway. We'll make sure that folks have the code so that if anyone wants to place an order, Sendle30, if you have questions, feel free to reach out. 

Send us a message. Our DMS are in and reach out to Ashley. Please buy all of the body butter,

Jenn: Oh, and another thing, people always think of when it's summer, you don't have to like wear a body butter. Yes, you do. You still have to wear it in the summer. All the time.

Jenn: Every day. Perfect. Well, thank you all for caring. Thank you, everybody. All right. Have a good day.

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