As the devastating extent of Australia’s bushfires becomes clearer, our hearts go out to those affected or displaced.

Note: Due to the flood of interest from Sendle customers, we've now stopped accepting submissions for our bushfire initiative assistance program. The incredible outpouring of support for Australians by our small business community is inspiring. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Many in the Sendle office and around the country, are left wondering what they can do to help.

While donating money is the most powerful way we can assist in the recovery efforts, Sendle HQ has received a flood of requests from our small business customers asking for help with their own initiatives. 

Whether it's tattoo artists raising thousands through creating charity prints, or ceramicists auctioning off their unique pieces, it’s incredibly inspiring to see how people across the country are using their own businesses and skills to contribute. 

Many people are asking if we can help cover the shipping of their donations or items to areas in need, and we think that’s a great idea. 

(Please note, we've stopped accepting submissions.)

If you’re an organization or charity collecting items for those in need, or a small business using your platform to raise funds for the bushfire cause, let us know.

Sendle may be able to help with the cost of shipping to get your donations or other goods where they need to go.

Not everyone can use their business as a platform, but there are plenty of other ways to support the bushfire recovery effort. 

Donate funds

Sending monetary donations is one of the best and most efficient ways to support the bushfire relief effort. 

If you’d like to lend some financial support, these reputable organizations will make sure your funds go where they can help the most.

It's also a great idea to buy locally from businesses affected by the fires. Spend With Them has a great catalogue of affected businesses. 

Donate items

Giving money might not be possible for everyone, but there are a lot of other ways we can help. 

Givit and Foodbank are collecting food and goods and delivering them to those in need. But before you donate, make sure you check what they actually need the most. 

If you’ve got some extra room, maybe offer up accommodation to someone displaced by fires through Airbnb Open Homes and Find a Bed

The Australian Red Cross is always looking for blood donors. 

The RSPCA is hunting for items like possum boxes, pellets for livestock and native animal milk replacer. 

Wonderful spirit

The outpouring of support from individuals, organizations and businesses alike has been amazing, and our hearts go out to those affected by these bushfires. 

While the the blazes have shocked everyone, some of the hardest work will be rebuilding the communities affected. It’s extraordinary how people from all walks of life are banding together to help each other. It’s a privilege to contribute. 

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