New US rates for a new year, and more bang for your buck from our growing network

We know there’s a lot to catch up on (we see you, neverending inbox). While this is the time of year that all the carriers raise their prices, Sendle is here to make sure that you’re still getting the best of the best rates in town. Our rates in the United States are changing, but you’ll still be racking up savings with Sendle.

New rates that still make sense

Boo to overinflated shipping prices. And a bigger boo for when those sky-high prices make it all the harder for small businesses to succeed. We’re here to help small businesses thrive. And while we need to make standard adjustments from time to time, we work hard to bring you the most affordable rates for speedy, reliable, and sustainable shipping.

On January 23, our rates will go up by 6% on average. While some will go up, others will go down (by 9%!). You’ll still be getting the most for your small business when shipping with Sendle. 

And if you’re new to Sendle, you’ll immediately see just how much you’ll save on shipping compared to other carriers. Up to 83% in savings, in fact!


Big wins and even bigger savings

Our new rates will go live on January 23 - and there are plenty of wins and great savings to go around. Here are some highlights: 

us-pricing-update-tile-02-van-parcel-inside-driver-waving-through-window-sendle-united-states us-pricing-update-tile-04-parcel-travel-accross-usa-map-sendle-united-states
  • Small businesses can ship for as little as $3.59
  • Save as much as 83% compared with the other carriers
  • Savings up to 9% for domestic packages over 1 lb
  • Ship a 10lb box from NYC to Indianapolis for as low as $8.52

You asked for better rates for shipping your big, bulky stuff across the country, and we delivered! We love getting feedback on our rates. It helps us seek out the best routes, and the best strategy, to keep more dollars in your pocket. 


Ship and save with Sendle’s growing network

We’re expanding our network while remaining 100% carbon-neutral at no extra cost to you. Why should you pay more to do good? We feel the same. 

Sendle is switching things up in the shipping industry for good. Our network is our secret sauce. We’ve grown our network a lot over the last two years, and we’re continuing to bring the very best of speedy service and low rates nationwide.

You’ll continue to receive faster door-to-door pickups and deliveries. And you can still ship nationwide with Sendle, but some of your rates just got a lot better.


Where can I find my new pricing?

Check your Sendle Dashboard or head to our pricing page to see changes on January 23. In the meantime, we’ll keep things running smoothly and your shipments sent safely, reliably and as always, 100% carbon neutral. 


Send a package

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