Introducing: 3-Day Guaranteed for our speediest US shipping yet

Since we started, Sendle’s always brought quick, reliable, and affordable shipping to small businesses in America. Well, we’ve made our shipping even swifter. Now, get your goods delivered in 3 days or less, guaranteed.

Small businesses are scrappy and fast. So we work even faster to make sure your deliveries arrive on time, in one piece, and always starting from low prices.

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We've heard your demands for a service that's still affordable and reliable, but just as quick – or even quicker – than UPS. And during a time when diversifying is more important than ever to avoid any slowdowns to your business, Sendle's got you covered.

Introducing: Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed shipping! Here’s a new service made especially for small businesses that need to get ship done, and quick.

In 3 business days, we’ll get your goods picked up from your doorstep to wherever they need to go – no extra fees or contracts needed. Reliable shipping just got speedier, and small business success even sunnier. 

How Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed works

  1. Go to your Sendle Dashboard and fill out the details of your package and destination
  2. Select Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed
  3. Place your package at your doorstep for pickup
  4. Your package delivery period of 3 business days (or less) begins at the first pickup scan
  5. Bada-boom, bada-bing – that’s all there is to the speediest of delivering! 


What happens if my package doesn’t deliver in 3 business days?

If your package sent with our 3-Day Guaranteed service isn’t delivered within three business days from the date of the first pickup or drop-off scan, we will refund you the delivery cost of the package. And of course, you’ll always have instant support at your fingertips for every package sent with Sendle.

It’s the same, easy Sendle service you already love – at an even faster pace and still 100% carbon neutral, at no extra cost to you. We 🧡 happy wallets, happy customers, and a happy planet.

Learn more about our 3-Day Guaranteed terms here and head to your Sendle Dashboard for swifter, brighter shipping.


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