The Unlimited Satchel: If it fits, it ships

Bringing you a new, simpler way to ship domestically and save for rates as low as $4.98*. 

Things run so much more smoothly when they’re simple, reliable and affordable. So today we’re introducing a new way to ship and save that’s almost too easy.

Introducing The Unlimited Satchel - if it fits, it ships!

How does it work?

Sendle Unlimited Satchels

Now, when you ship with Sendle’s totally compostable A4 satchel, there’s no weight limit. You can fill it to the brim, and we’ll ship it for the same low cost as a 500g satchel.

Books! Fishing lures! Paper weights made of Osmium! Gold bullion!

If you can get it in The Unlimited Satchel, we’ll ship it.

Send for as little as $4.98 (excl. GST)

The Unlimited Satchel is designed to make your money stretch further and takes the guesswork out of postage.

If you’re on the Sendle Premium Plan, we can deliver to national zones for $7.65, and within the same city for $6.05.

If you’re on the Sendle Pro Plan, we can deliver to national zones for $6.59*, and within the same city for $4.98* (excl. GST).

And no matter what plan you’re on, our Price Guarantee means you’ll save on delivery when compared to Standard Parcel Post rates.

So if you ship smaller items, your price just went down and (we hope!) the corners of your mouth just went up.

Grab one of our compostable satchels

If you’re not already enchanted by The Unlimited Satchel and humming “if it fits, it ships” while you pack, get ready for this.

Our satchels not only have unlimited weight, but they have all the great qualities you need:

  • 245 x 335mm
  • Waterproof
  • A little stretchy
  • Tough and durable
  • Tear resistant
  • Write-able
  • Print-able
  • Stick-able
  • 100% biodegradable, compostable, and delivered carbon neutral.

That’s right, our compostable satchels are terrific worm food. At Sendle, we believe good business doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Head to our store to pick them up

Pack and smile in four steps

Our satchels are built to be durable, but not invincible. So follow these guidelines to make sure your goods arrive safe and sound.

Sendle Unlimited Satchels

  1. Double bag or box your products. Place one container inside another with cushioning material (such as scrunched up newspaper) in between the two. It might feel like overkill, but snug parcels will make your customers happy!

  2. Just like trousers and turkeys, overstuffing can cause all kinds of awkward breakages. So take care when packing your satchel.

  3. Firmly seal your satchel shut, and use extra tape if needed.

  4. Don't substitute secure packaging for 'fragile' or 'handle with care' stickers. Machines can't read these stickers (not yet, anyway…).


The Unlimited Satchel is only available when you use our A4 compostable satchel. Of course you can use your own packaging, or a box, but our regular 500g pricing will apply.

Luckily, our Price Guarantee means you’ll save on delivery when compared to Standard Parcel Post rates.

Is there anything else I need to know?

When using The Unlimited Satchel, there are some restrictions around pickup locations and packing requirements. The Unlimited Satchel is only available for domestic sends. Please visit our Help Centre to learn more.

Order satchels now
No weight limit. If it fits, it ships!

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