Small business templates and spreadsheets to simplify your workflow

Running a small business is no simple task. Often, as the owner, you are wearing a number of hats on any given day.

You are the photographer, the social media manager, the accountant, the buyer, the IT department, the customer service rep, and on and on. You do a lot.

So, the idea of haphazardly tossing together financial spreadsheets, invoice templates, timecards, expense reports, and sales forecasts seems a bit overwhelming. Rightfully so.

Instead of bothering with creating your own, you’d really rather someone had already done the lion’s share of the work for you. The idea of someone else doing work for you sounds pretty nice about now, I bet.

Well, we’re that someone. For all those little things you need from a spreadsheet in your small business operations—from money management and travel expenses to inventory audits and forecasting—we’ve got the template. 


Small biz templates and spreadsheets for all parts of your business

From planning out your business’s finances and figuring out expenses to managing your inventory and having standard forms at the ready, we’ve got the templates for you. 

These free small business spreadsheets give you a shortcut to running your business more efficiently. 

We’ve made these all available to you via Google Sheets, since it’s free and easily accessible.

NOTE: They are view-only spreadsheets. No need to ask for access. All you have to do is make your own copy and you can make all the changes you like to the templates. They are yours to use.

If you’d rather use Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, just export the file and use your software of choice.

Now, let’s get into it.


financial plan

Financial planning templates

Understanding the central financial pieces of your business—how you should price things, how much cash you have on hand, what your sales will look like over the next year, and the details of your profits and losses—doesn’t come out of thin air. 

It’s plugged into a spreadsheet and carefully calculated. While it doesn't sound terribly fun, it is the difference between business success and failure.

Get the spreadsheets you need to start planning out your business finances.

Get your free financial planning templates


invoicing template

Invoicing templates

Your day-to-day work in retail requires documents to make it run smoothly. 

When you order from your vendors, you need a purchase order. When you sell your goods to customers, you need a sales invoice and a packing slip. When you are shipping freight, you’ve got another invoice.

Don’t worry yourself with starting from scratch on those docs. We’ve got it started for you.

Get your free invoice templates


employee expense template

Employee & expense form templates

Keeping track of your employees and all the other expenses of your business means having that information and those forms ready to go when you need them.

From calculating payroll and creating timecards to documenting all the various expenses, there’s a template for that. 

Use our employee and expense templates to simplify another part of your business.

Get your free expense form templates


inventory template

Inventory management templates

The star of your shop are the goods you sell. Your pride and joy.

But, those goods need to be tracked. You don’t want to end up selling something you don’t have on the shelf.

That’s where a good spreadsheet comes in. Keep track of your inventory in one place and be ready to audit it regularly.

Get your free inventory management templates


Get organized

Now that you have all the spreadsheets you've always wanted, you can keep your business organized and on a clear path to success.

One other resource you might want to utilize are retail math formulas. Just plug in your data to get the magic numbers you need!

It's obvious you do a lot (from all the hats you are wearing), so take a load off by utilizing some free help when you can get it. 


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