Sendle Pricing 2017

Our goal is help small businesses thrive by making parcel delivery simple, reliable and affordable.

We are committed to offering a flat-rate national service, with a beautiful set of tools to help you save time and money sending parcels for your business.

On 16 January 2017, we'll be increasing some of our prices so that we can continue to deliver on these promises to you. 

Satchel prices haven't changed within the National Network and most other prices have only increased by $0.20. Have a look below:

Pricing Table Premium Easy 2017.png

To help you understand how these new prices stack up, we've analysed a sample of the most popular deliveries and compared them to the prices you'd otherwise pay at the post office.

Pricing Comparison Table 2017.png

Happy Sendling! 
The Sendle Team

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