Sendle is a pet-loving shipping company that’s reminding you to mark your calendars, charge up your camera, and nip down to your local pet store, because it’s almost Love Your Pet Day.

This totally unofficial but (in our opinion) worthy-of-a-public-holiday falls annually on February 20th. And what better way to celebrate  Love Your Pet Day than to dress your pet up in pet accessories and have a photoshoot for the gram? We still do this on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day (for pet parents) and all other days, by the way.

What Love Your Pet Day may lack in national significance and historical relevance, it makes up for in tugged heartstrings and some fast-wagging tails. That’s enough of a reason to celebrate, right?

We’ll dive into some purr-fect pet accessories, toys, and treats below but how about some fun facts to impress fellow pet owners at your next vet visit or daily walk?


Fun facts about your pets:

  • According to archaeological evidence, humans have lived with dogs for at least 12,000 years.
  • Kittens meow to communicate with other cats but grown cats only meow to talk to humans.
  • The ‘bunny hop’ is a legit thing rabbits do when they are feeling happy. 
  • Horses can take a nap standing up.
  • Finding Nemo was no lie. Fishes have unique personalities and research has found that some are bolder and others are shy.  


Small businesses your pets will love

Whether you’re looking to celebrate Love Your Pet Day in style, substance, or just in spirit, here are some fur-bulous pet lovin’ small businesses ready for you to shop.

PetLab Co for all things pet health

french-bulldog-with-petlabco-productvarious pet grooming products by mrfluff

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to pet joint relief! | Photo source: PetLab Co

The backstory behind PetLab Co is a sad one, and a real fear for many besotted pet owners. A few years ago, founder Christopher Masanto had to make the excruciating decision to put his family dog Krystal to sleep, after she suffered from arthritic pain. So, in order to stop other people from going through the same thing,  he turned his heartbreak into a business and founded PetLab Co, ethically sourced probiotic supplements and chews designed to resolve joint issues.


Find your funky pet accessories at Peppermint Pets

dog-with-mini-bow-and-scarf-by-peppermint-pets cat-with-a-necktie-by-peppermint-pets

Get those colorful dog collars or maybe a cat bandana to make your pets standout! | Photo source: Peppermint Pets

Cateye, catwalks, kitten heels, tortoiseshell sunglasses… modern fashion is forever taking notes from our feline friends. 

Well, now our feline friends can too dress to the nines (they do have nine lives after all), decked head to claw in pet accessories by Peppermint Pets. While every cat is different - and many prefer to go nude - some don’t mind dressing up with their owners for special occasions (if you’re lucky!). 

The small Sydney-based business sells handmade fashionable and functionable pet accessories. Dog bow tie? Puppy accessories? Cat collars? Founded by a self-described crazy cat lady, each purchase donates a portion of profits to Inner City Strays which rehomes the street cats of Sydney and provides tender love and care to felines living rough.

Entertain your fur babies with Madgz Dog Supplies and pet toys

“dog-biting-stuffed-toy-by-Madgz-Dog-Supplies" various-pet-products-for-Madgz-Dog-Supplies

Play pet accessories or toys can be beneficial to your pets’ mental and physical health | Photo Source: Madgz Dog Supplies

It’s essential that dogs chew, tug, and nibble to keep their jaws strong, entertain themselves for hours on end and relieve anxiety or frustration. And if you’re leaving them alone most of the time to get to work, it’s essential to give them pet toys to play with while you’re gone.

But for the powerful chewers on the block, many run of the mill pet toys aren’t made to last and so toys need to be replaced on a frequent basis. Some are even made with harmful chemicals or nylon which can break the teeth of dogs.

Here’s where Madgz Dog Supplies comes in. The Australian-based small business manufactures sturdy, non-destructive chew toys that are expected to last for at least 30 days and at most, forever.

Luxury dog beds for travel by So Fur Pet

“Happy Pet-Travel-bag and-travel-essentials-by-So-Fur-Pet

What’s better than traveling solo? Traveling with your pet dog in style with these pet accessories! | Photo source: So Fur Pet

Can’t bear to leave your dog at home when you hit the road? Who says you have to!

Sekha is a dog owner who gets it. While he loved to take his French Bulldog Pixie on road trips, the usual car booster was not comfortable enough for long rides and Pixie’s everyday dog bed didn’t offer enough protection. So Sekha embarked on a mission to create a practical, safe and stylish portable dog car seat that can be converted into a comfy dog bed that also works as a dog travel bag for supplies. After gaining feedback from 14 dog owners, making 6 prototypes, and recruiting 12 dogs to trial the seats, the ultimate 2-in-1 dog booster seat was born.


HappyBond healthy pet nutrition shipped sustainably by Sendle

Happybond healthy pet nutrition with furry dog Halle Berry and founder of HappyBond pet probiotics with pet dogs

More on pet health! Support your dog’s hips and joints with pet nutrition | Photo source: HappyBond

If we haven’t established it yet, pet nutrition is also an essential component of pet health and happiness.

By applying her work in biotech engineering when her beloved skateboarding bulldog Tony could no longer skate, Happybond founder Anja Skodda found a new, deeply-rewarding career in pet nutrition. From power foods, boost treats, nutrient-rich elixirs, these healthy dog supplements will rejuvenate your dog and keep them in perfect shape for longer!


Support Small Businesses for pets all around!

Pets are key members of every family and household. Unfortunately for some, pet nutrition, pet toys, and other pet accessories aren’t accessible. Lucky are those who have a small business dedicated to pets within their community! That’s why it’s very important to keep them alive. When small businesses like these thrive, then so do our pets!

Sendle exists for small businesses like these. Our love for the planet extends to the creatures that inhabit it, hence our carbon-neutral delivery and other environmental projects against habitat loss. We’re happy to partner with small businesses to help them achieve their advocacies sustainably!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner for pets, the environment, or anything good for the world?

Start shipping sustainably with Sendle

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