Our rates in Canada are changing, but you’re still paying the best prices with Sendle

Would you look at that – it’s been five months since Sendle landed in Canada! And since then, the Sendle network has settled in and grown, delivering reliable, sustainable shipping across all Canadian provinces. We’re making changes to our rates, but they’re still the best rates out there for small businesses.


New rates? You’ll still save with Sendle!

We all know that costs are rising across the board – what the heck is with Canada’s 7% inflation rate? We’d all like to unsubscribe from inflation, thank you.

But, since life isn’t quite so simple, we’ve been working hard in the background to find ways to help save your small business where it matters.

On January 30, you’ll see an average increase of 3% on Sendle shipping. But with Sendle, you’ll still be saving big. Here are some highlights:

  • We continue to have the very best rates for small businesses – That’s our promise and we’re sticking to it! More often than not, your new Sendle rates are cheaper than what you would have paid in 2022 with Canada Post. Ok, far cheaper.
  • It’s less than the current Canadian inflation rate – In fact, the changes to our prices are twice as low as inflation.
  • Big gains for 500g – Shipping 500g items that are light, but bulky? (We’re looking at you, feather boas!) You just got a big upgrade, volume-wise. Now, you can ship up to 500g x 10 litres nationwide. Compared to your 2022 Sendle rates, you can save up to 17% on sending all the light stuff, and up to 43% compared to Canada Post.
  • Growing and giving back – As the Sendle network continues to expand in Canada, we’ll be doing our darndest to pass all the savings on to you.


What hasn’t changed?

Sendle believes in making shipping simpler for small businesses, their customers, and better for the world. We're here to help you build your dream business and compete on a level playing field through unbeatable prices, without any hidden fees or sneaky surprises. We'll continue to pick up and deliver door-to-door, putting time back into growing your business (instead of waiting for hours in a queue).

Aside from being your most affordable option for shipping, we’re still your best bet for shipping that’s easy, reliable, and better for the planet. Every parcel you send with Sendle is delivered 100% carbon neutral every single time, and always at no extra cost.

You’ll keep receiving the same help and support from our team as you send your goods all over the country. And you’ll continue racking up savings, sans stressing about your parcels. Oh, and stay tuned for some exciting stuff soon as we keep growing in Canada – like cross-border shipping to the States.


Where can I find my new pricing?

You’ll find updated prices on your Sendle Dashboard and our pricing page on January 30. 
We’ll keep at it with picking up your parcels and safely delivering them to your customer’s doorsteps, so you can kick up your feet and put those savings toward your budding brand.

It’s Sendle’s promise to level the playing field for small businesses by having the lowest prices around, and we plan to keep it that way.


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