Sendle’s Pandemic Relief Package - discounts of up to 30%!

This global pandemic has been a rough old time for small businesses. Add lockdowns and peak season preparation and you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Sendle Pandemic Relief badge

To help out, we’ve launched Sendle’s Pandemic Relief Package, and reduced our rates by up to 30%!

From 30 August, right through Christmas until the end of 2021, we’ve slashed our prices to give your business a helping hand this year.


Here are some of the great discounts:

Same city parcel delivery

With Australia’s two major cities in lengthy lockdowns, we’ve slashed prices for ‘same city’ sending in Sydney and Melbourne.

Melburnians sending same city save up to 16% on today’s rates!  So a 25kg case of Shiraz ships from Brunswick to Berwick, for just $6.95*.

Sydney folks in the lockdown hobby craze can send a 1kg 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle same city from Marrickville to Mosman for just $6.09*. See your discounts

Fun fact: The top products delivered by Sendle during the winter lockdowns include games & puzzles, alcohol, coffee & tea, books, gardening items, toys for the kids, and craft supplies.


Sending Nationwide

For parcel delivery across the country, ship with confidence. Send a bag of coffee (500g) from Melbourne to Cairns from $6.62*

This lockdown, save 30% sending that pot plant (5kg) from Sydney to Perth for just $9.45*

And for just $11.65* businesses can send those workout dumbbells (5kg) from Brisbane to Adelaide.

For the full details on pricing reductions check out the pricing page.


Great prices across all Sendle plans

Sendle Standard

Same City
Send a 3kg parcel across Melbourne for just $10.07, that’s down 15%!

Send a 5kg parcel from Sydney to the Gold Coast for just $13.98, that’s down 15%!

Sendle Premium

Same City
Send up to 25kg across Melbourne for just $9.07, that's down 16%!

Send a 5kg parcel from Sydney to Perth for just $12.98, that’s down 16%!

Sendle Pro

Send a 5kg parcel from Sydney to Melbourne for just $9.45*, that’s down 30%!

Send a 5kg parcel from Brisbane to Perth or from Adelaide to the Gold Coast for just $11.65*, that’s down 13%.

*ex GST

Supporting small businesses this Christmas

From day one, Sendle was designed to serve small businesses because we believe affordable rates, reliable service and sustainable delivery should be part and parcel of the shipping experience.

Our mission is Shipping that’s good for the world. With eCommerce exploding and COVID challenging Aussie small businesses to the core, we are here to look out for you - the enterprising small businesses who give so much, from the crack of dawn to way after the sun’s called it a night. 

We’ll always strive to have the lowest prices backed by our Sendle Price Guarantee

Happy sending through peak!


*Sendle Pro rates ex GST


Ship sustainably with Sendle

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