Every cloud has a silver lining and every sweet has its sour…<insert idiom of your choice about blessings in disguise>, and you have the start-up story of Good Day People perfectly summed up.

In 2020, Sydney couple Jacob Leung and Sarah-Jane Ho were busy planning their wedding when the pandemic reached Aussie shores and ruined everything. So they channeled these bad days into starting a business to help others have a Good Day. The result? Good Day People.

Good Day People have a gift for gifting

Good Day People is a one-stop-shop for unique gift hampers made with top-notch Aussie products. Nothing quite beats receiving a gift from a loved one, especially one that is as unique, boutique and full of personality as the Good Day People hampers

As Jacob and Sarah-Jane soon came to learn, when it comes to gift giving and receiving, the stakes are high. Because there is nothing worse than showing up to your loved one’s special day, empty handed, with a few embarrassed excuses in tow like ‘The parcel hasn’t arrived yet’ or ‘It was damaged on the way’. 

That’s why, to Jacob and Sarah-Jane, reliable and trackable shipping is everything.


Start shipping with Sendle


Trackable and traceable shipping is reliable shipping


Jacob and Sarah-Jane are super grateful that Sendle provides regular tracking updates. 

Most of their customers purchase a gift hamper for a specific celebration or event. Therefore it is so important that they feel confident and reassured that their package will arrive on time. Regular tracking updates are saviour to help keep those delivery anxieties at bay.

"Unreliable deliveries are not an option for us as it would literally mean we fail. When one of our customers has a negative experience with shipping this becomes a poor reflection on our business. Keeping customers happy is core to our business. No happy customers means no Good Day People!” -  Jacob Leung, Co-founder of Good Day People


Shipping that's on time and on the money


Unfortunately the reality of eCommerce shipping is that, no matter how hard you try to package items safely and securely, disaster can strike somewhere along the delivery route. In fact one out of ten packages arrive in poor condition. 

Sarah-Jane and Jacob count on Sendle to deliver their fragile Good Day People gift hampers safely and on time. As a small business that sells local gift hampers, their profit margins are lean and whenever they have delivery issues it costs them in customers, staffing, and product. 

In particular, Sendle’s price guarantee gives the duo peace of mind that they can keep shipping costs low and invest business profits in doing what they do best: curating and creating boutique gift hampers. Sendle’s price guarantee and tracking features have saved Good Day People many times - not only financially but by also keeping customers in the loop on the status of their order. 

According to Jacob, “Reliable deliveries are the only way our business can thrive and survive”.

“Here at Good Day People we want to ensure we make it a Good Day with our unique and boutique gifts. Receiving a damaged or delayed gift can sometimes mean it's not a good day at all. We heavily rely on the staff at Sendle to be part of the Good Day People team. “


Ship sustainably with Sendle

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