Fathers are particular creatures, seemingly easy to define but like an onion, they are layered (and occasionally pungent). Just below that top layer of dad is another dad layer which hides yet another and so on.

All of a sudden, he’ll reveal a new hobby—like bonsai tree cultivation, stamp collecting, or obsessing over Pu-erh tea—and you begin to see the kaleidoscopic intricacies of the man you’ve known your whole life. 

With Father’s Day, you have the opportunity to find a gift that not only shows dad how much you love him, but also that you get him.

To help you on your journey to better gifting, here’s a bunch of great ideas helpfully split into categories that may describe your particular brand of dad.

Some things you should consider buying your dad

For the foodie father

Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

If your dad is both obsessed with probiotics and stands over the sink devouring pickles, your shopping is already complete (but, read on anyway).

You may also want to clear a spot for his new ‘fermentation station’ (he’ll likely call it this). Lucky for you, this means you always get free pickles.

Mason Jar Fermentation Kit Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

Photo courtesy: Cultures for Health

Spice Trio 

It’s possible that your dad has a finely-tuned palette, an expert at dissembling a dish into its constituent parts and spices so that he can recreate it later at home (his lab, he sometimes calls it).

Or else, he just likes good spices. Either way, This trio of delectable Indian heirloom spices will give him great joy for as long as they last (after which, you buy more).

Spice Trio

Photo courtesy: Diaspora Co.

King's Prize Kochere Medium Roast Coffee

Dads can be very particular about many things—hedge trimming techniques, the way things are organized in the fridge, driver’s seat settings.

But coffee takes it to another level.

Like, he only does pour-overs (with his gooseneck kettle) using freshly ground medium roast coffee beans from the Kochere region in Ethiopia. If so, here's your gift. 

King's Prize Kochere Medium Roast Coffee King's Prize Kochere Medium Roast Coffee

Photo courtesy: Red Bay Coffee

Horseshoes & Handgrenades Red Blend Wine

Then there are the wine dads, sniffing and swirling and guessing the dominant fruit profile of the latest Pinot he picked up. There are lots of wines out there and he’s got to do his utmost to try them all.

Here’s another he can add to his meticulously maintained spreadsheet.

Horseshoes & Handgrenades Red Blend Wine

Photo courtesy: Maison Noir Wines

Mini Heirloom Popcorn Family Pack

Popcorn holds a special place in many fatherly hearts, a reminder of when he accompanied you to your first film on the big screen or all those crowded street fairs with the salty-sweet kettle corn.

Also, popcorn rocks. Hold a Father’s Day movie night and cycle through all four varieties of this heirloom popcorn from Pipcorn.

Mini Heirloom Popcorn Family Pack Mini Heirloom Popcorn Family Pack

Photo courtesy: Pipcorn


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It’s called self-care, dad

Haeckels Pluviophile Rain Candle

The smell of rain is special, transporting us to simpler times when the knowledge of freshly watered crops was communicated via the nose.

Sometimes you need that smell on command, with a flick of a lighter. Give your dad the gift of this power so that he can zen out on rain smells whenever he wants.

Haeckels Pluviophile Rain Candle

Photo courtesy: Goodee

Father's Day Gift Box

Self-care isn’t a one size fits all deal. With this gift box, you can choose exactly what you want to give him—from flashy pocket squares and ties to fine teas and beard care.

You know the guy, so pick out something nice.

Father's Day Gift Box

Photo courtesy: Bold Xchange

Build a self-care bath bundle at Jinen

For your bath enthusiast father, upgrade his home spa situation with a few choice items. Start with a Hinoki bath mat and a nice cleansing body brush and then maybe add the bubble bar set, healing bath salts, herbal medicine bath soak, or some Onsen powder

Bath bundle at Jinen

Photo courtesy: Jinen Store

Giant Jenga

Self-care is in the eye of the self carer. When dad yells 'stack the blocks!' for another game of backyard not-quite-Jenga, you do it.

Plus, with every order a tree is planted so you can give the gift of good karma as well.

Giant Jenga

Photo courtesy: SplinterWoodworking

For the dad that needs to stay busy

Tigris Removable Wallpaper

Putting a father to work may not seem like a gift, but home improvement is a gift unto itself. Plus, he hates the color of the walls in his office.

So, leave the paint out of it and give him some statement wallpaper. That office will never be the same.

Tigris Removable Wallpaper Tigris Removable Wallpaper

Photo courtesy: Jungalow

Quaranskein Mystery Package

The knitting dad is a rarer variety of dad—one of focused patience and a closet full of colorful scarves.

For this fatherly specimen, you would do well to purchase a mystery package to sate his knitting needs. You’ll probably get a winter cap out of the deal too!

Quaranskein Mystery Package

Photo courtesy: String Thing Studio

Dad Books: Staff Picks

If it weren’t for the faint lamplight in the corner of the room, you might not have seen dad burning through another massive opus delving into the foreign policy blunders of the Richard Nixon administration.

He’s there—faint as the lighting is—and he needs another book to tide him over. Oh look, here’s a dad-specific list of books to choose from!

Dad Books: Staff Picks

Photo courtesy: Bookshop

Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit

The art of bonsai cultivation has to start somewhere. In the case of this kit, pops can nurture it from seed to finely groomed tree.

You will see the pride beaming from his face every time he shows you—as if it were his own child learning to walk.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit

Photo courtesy: PLENTYofBANG

Comfy father fits

For the phenomenal dad of the phenomenal girl

Get the girl dad in your life the gift of matching his dearest daughter. Super soft and comfy, these sweatshirts are cuddle-approved.

Phenomenal dad Phenomenal girl

Photo courtesy: Phenomenal Woman

Cat Dad T-Shirt

Maybe he’s a feline father instead. In which case, there is absolutely a shirt for that (also, have you seen like the entire internet?). He can proudly proclaim his pride at being the papa to a purrer (sorry, had to).

Cat Dad T-Shirt Cat Dad T-Shirt

Photo courtesy: Shredmycouch

Ankara Necktie and Pocket Square

For the dressy dad whose duds are getting stale, look no further than this matching tie and pocket square. No getting lost in the crowd with this purple-patterned statement.

Ankara Necktie and Pocket Square Ankara Necktie and Pocket Square

Photo courtesy: GabeJadeAccessories

For making the house a home

Carved Wooden Art Statue

Is dad lacking abstract beauty in his life? In a world of absolutes, he might be craving some art that has some of that 'je ne sais quoi' (I don't know what this means 😉).

You may just find him staring at it serenely one day and realize what a great gift you got him.

Dad Books: Staff Picks

Photo courtesy: Effortless Composition

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Or is he the type that likes to dote on tropical trees? These sun-loving leafy lovelies can grow quickly, making him the proud plant father to yet another window hogging new family member. Just don't get too jealous.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Fiddle Leaf Fig

Photo courtesy: Natty Garden

Helki Fern Cork Planter

To extend the green theme, you could gift him a cork planter (and find the perfect green friend to accompany it). Cork is sustainable, biodegradable, and looks cool.

Helki Fern Cork Planter Helki Fern Cork Planter

Photo courtesy: mindthecork

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