Emi Fang has been a practicing Witch for over 15 years but never before has she seen such demand for her crystal candles, which she describes as a “caring healing hug”—something we all need during this global pandemic!

Prior to launching her online business, Unicorn Manor, Emi worked in PR and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. 

True to the traits of her Capricorn star sign, Emi is a workaholic. But the fast pace job eventually took a toll on her emotional and mental well being. 

So, Emi turned to her craft as a practicing Wiccan and Witch and used her knowledge and magick to design crystal candles. The elements—from the herbs to the crystals—all combine together like a spell. 

Unicorn Manor Unicorn Manor

Business is booming. 

Thanks to Instagram, Emi has a clientele across the globe. She has shipped a crystal candle to every state in the United States from her home in Sydney, Australia. She’s also got customers in Italy, Japan, Russia, and the UK.

The most unusual item she has sent via Sendle is a cast iron witch’s cauldron!

Sendle had the good fortune of discovering Emi when we were researching our 2020 global brand campaign. 

Unicorn Manor has a fascinating and enchanting story that’s been brought to life in our new online advertisement.

Sendle’s small biz quiz

Unicorn Manor

Emi Fang

Name, title, and location

Emi Fang, Owner | Sydney, Australia 


Unicorn Manor

If your business was a person, how would you describe it? 

If Unicorn Manor was a person, I would describe them as a loving and magickal free spirit who is an unapologetically independent badass Witch.

And what about in just three words?

Magickal, ethereal, unique.

How did you come up with the name for your business? 

I used to run a fashion blog under my moniker, Emi Unicorn, and have always loved the magick and beauty of unicorns, so the name Unicorn Manor came to me organically and fit my business aesthetic and brand perfectly.


What does a typical working day look like for you?

I start the day pretty early, have a morning smoothie and get straight into making candles whether restocking or crafting custom ritual candles, taking photos of new stock and uploading them for a shop update. 

This typically takes up most of my daytime.

I’m a bit of a workaholic by nature so my work schedule isn’t set around specific hours but what needs to be accomplished. 

I spend my evenings packing orders and answering emails.

Any particular origin story or were you always going to start a small business? 

Unicorn Manor Unicorn Manor

Unicorn Manor began as a creative outlet five years ago that melded my practise of Witchcraft with my two main things I have always loved to collect—crystals and candles. 

There wasn’t anything else like it on the market and I knew I had a special idea that would resonate well. 

The idea came organically. I wanted to create a candle that not only tickled your sense of smell but visually looked incredible, and held a larger purpose than just a pretty scent.

Why did you choose to sell candles?

I wanted to really change the candle game and reach an entirely new market by creating a unique product that mixed my Craft and my love of crystal gemstones and candles, and not only sparked your sense of smell but sight as well.

What is your most popular product?

Unicorn Manor

Without a doubt my crystal candles. 

My in house brand Mystic Unicorn Crystal candles was my first product and continues to be the most popular in my store. 

I’ve been creating my witchcraft-inspired crystal-infused candles for over five years and the love I get for them just keeps growing on a global scale. 

They resonate well with Witches and the spiritual crystal community alike because not only are they utterly unique but serve a purpose in their creation—whether to help manage stress, build confidence, sleep, bring in romantic or self love, or to celebrate Witch’s Sabbats.

 My candles are more than just your ordinary candle and people see value in that.

What sets you apart from other candle businesses?

My candles have such depth and meaning behind each design. 

They’re not to be used purely for aromatherapy or relaxation but through intention and witchcraft. 

Each one takes months and months of design work, from testing and refinement until they’re ready to be sold in my store.

They’re not just a pretty candle but something that can add value and change your life. I’ve received memorable and warming messages from customers telling me how they met their partners or allowed love into their lives through using my love candles.

They’ve also helped people overcome traumas or insomnia which truly is what makes what I do so fulfilling.

Who is your typical customer?

My typical customer is your spiritually in-tune person that paves their own path and embraces magic into their lives.

How have you built such a loyal customer following?

Unicorn Manor

Social media is instrumental in my business success. 

My main audience and sales channels come from Instagram though we have a presence on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Our instagram account is @unicornmanor, which we’ve proudly grown to 80k followers (we hit 10k followers within our first 3 months of launch). 

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I love the flexibility I have with my business and the wholeness I feel running Unicorn Manor. 

Being able to be creative in designing my crystal candles, graphics as well as being my own boss definitely has its perks.

What advice do you have for people out there wanting to start a small business?

  • It may look like fun and games but it is hard work!
  • Do your research to make sure your product or service is unique and has a place in the market. 
  • Try to find a point of difference and build an authentic brand story and vision. Be passionate about your business or you’ll burn yourself out fast!

What are your favorite small businesses out there?  The ones you always go back to.

I really love small businesses I find on Instagram like Soliloquy Jewellery that makes bespoke gemstone jewellery inspired by myth, literature, and the occult. 

Another favourite small business is Mineralism, an incredible crystal store in Glebe (Sydney) that has one of the best ranges of rare gemstones in Australia!

What was it like seeing your business brought to life in Sendle’s new brand campaign?

Really surreal and exciting!

Sendle Brand Campaign 2020

Learn more about the brand campaign

Our Sendle advertisement shows a woman charging a moon stone in the moonlight. How do you properly charge a crystal?

Crystals hold energy from each person it touches, whether good or bad, and need to be cleansed and charged regularly. 

Unicorn ManorUnicorn Manor

You can do so with selenite, smoke, sound or moonlight. 

You can leave your crystals on your windowsill during a full moon or in direct moonlight and charge your crystals with your intentions. 

Full moon energies are the most cleansing and potent for setting intentions, allowing in divine feminine calming energies and release.

What is your favorite crystal?

This is like choosing a favourite child haha. I have always had an affinity and love for Amethyst as it was my very first crystal. 

Amethyst is great for your third eye, improving intuition, grounding, calming and tranquility. Amethyst literally means ’not intoxicated’ which translates from améthystos and has a lovely mythos. 

Unicorn ManorUnicorn Manor

The wine god Bacchus, angry over an insult and determined to avenge himself, decreed the first person he should meet would be devoured by his tigers. The unfortunate mortal happened to be a beautiful maiden named Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana. 

As the ferocious beasts sprang, she sought the protection of the goddess and was saved by being turned into a clear, white crystal. 

Bacchus, regretting his cruelty, poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, giving the gem its lovely purple hue. 

I’ve always loved this myth and perhaps because purple is my favourite colour, Amethyst holds a soft spot in my crystal collection. 


What crystal would you recommend for 2020?

Unicorn Manor

2020 has been a turbulent and trying year that’s for sure.

I would recommend heart chakra crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, or Morganite. They all promote self love, heal emotional trauma, and allow loving energies into your sacred space or home. 

They act like a caring healing hug which we definitely all need more of during this global pandemic.

How did you find Sendle?

I had heard about Sendle through friends of friends among my network of business women. 

I’m always looking at new avenues to make my business work more seamlessly and efficient.

I love Sendle as they are carbon neutral. Sustainability is a huge part of my business plan. 

From the very beginning of my business I wanted to be ethically sustainable and caring to the environment. 

I use biodegradable packaging and try to reuse old packing boxes where possible to ensure Unicorn Manor does its part in looking after our environment and precious planet.

Photos courtesy: Unicorn Manor

Love your hustle. Send with Sendle.

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