Spend less time on shipping with batch orders & bulk edit tools

As much as we love shipping here at Sendle, sometimes the shipping process can feel repetitive. Each step, though really important, can feel tedious when you have to do it over and over. Tedious and easier to mess up than you’d probably like to admit.

sendle bulk order and batcheiting tools

That’s why we’ve rolled out new and improved batch orders, and with it, new bulk edit tools that save you time and clicks. Getting more done at one time is a win for your workflow, no matter how you slice it.


Batch ordering through your eCommerce integrations 

Whether you’re selling on Shopify, Etsy, eBay or elsewhere, you can now upload and process orders directly from your eCommerce platforms of choice in batches. 

This means when you’re using one of our many integrations, you can streamline your booking process by uploading and booking multiple orders at a time.

You can upload your orders by visiting the Integrations menu from your Sendle Dashboard, selecting your integration of choice, and clicking Fetch Orders. 


Bulk edit tools to streamline your shipping 

We’ve also added bulk edit tools so you can process your orders from integrations like Shopify, Etsy, Ebay, or wherever you sell, faster. 

Now you can select multiple orders at once and perform different actions, like updating package size or adding extra cover. 

There are many ways processing your orders in batches will save you steps and save you time. 

  • Update parcel sizes as a batch: If you’re shipping a lot of one product, or a lot of different products but the same size packaging, you can now edit size information at one time for an entire batch of orders. And once you update package size across the batch, your updated shipping costs are automatically reflected, taking out the guesswork and saving you even more time. 

sendle bulk order and batcheiting tools

  • Add extra cover to multiple orders: While it’s true that every shipment comes with free Sendle Cover already included, sometimes you need a little extra. Especially if you’re shipping very expensive, limited edition snow globes. Save yourself some time by applying extra cover to multiple orders at once. 
  • Download multiple shipping labels at once: Once all your information is correct and ready to go, you can create and download your labels by the batch, getting you to done that much faster! 


Batch ordering for everyone!

Our small business customers in Australia have long loved the batch upload tool. Now, it’s also widely available for our customers in the US.

Designed to work how you work, you can still upload batch orders from a CSV file, and now from your eCommerce platform too. 

We’ve even got a handy guide to help you use the CSV batch order uploader, and we’ve increased our batch limits up to 300, depending on your plan.  

So whether you’re selling vegan chocolate subscription boxes, or have a booming pet collar business, you’ll love saving time on shipping every day, so you can get back to doing what you love most.


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