We're back! And we're kicking off season two of Hey Sendler with something flashy and fun—sustainable packaging! To tell us all about amazing unboxing experiences, we've got noissue's Cathy Strini.

In this episode, Cathy and Jenn talk all about how the right packaging makes the customer unboxing experience that much more exciting.

Cathy talks about noissue's unique origin story, what it's like to work in a global company, and how sustainability figures into the company mission. Plus, they reveal our year-long partnership giveaway.

Watch the whole thing or read the full transcript below!

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Why you should be investing in amazing unboxing experiences, a chat with Cathy Strini of noissue (full transcript)

Jenn: Hi, everyone. Welcome to season two of Hey Sendler. 

I'm Jenn, Sendle's Community Manager, and our host. I'm so excited to be here with you today. Thank you for taking the time to join us. I'm going to be chatting with Cathy from noissue, but before that, I just wanted to do a couple of quick housekeeping notes. 

So first I'd like to acknowledge that we're on the traditional land of the first people here in Seattle. We recognize the Duwamish for their continuing connection to land waters and culture. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and future. 

I also want to just know quickly, obviously, we're all still working from home. 

I hope that everyone is safe and well, but if your connection is fuzzy or cuts out or we lose Cathy or anything like that, just kind of come back or, you know, take a second to refresh and, we'll also have the transcript available and we'll send it out so that you could use that and the video will be available soon as well. 

So with that, thank you again for being here. I'm Jenn Sendle's Community Manager. This is Hey Sendler season two. And this is Cathy. 

Hi, Cathy. Thanks for joining. Hi everyone.

Cathy: Hi Jenn. And thank you so much for having me. I can't wait to kick off season two of Hey Sendler.

Jenn: Yeah. So exciting. Okay. Tell us a little bit about you and noissue before we kind of hop into the nitty-gritty.

Cathy: Yeah, so I'll start with myself. I'm Cathy I am the proud partner manager here at noissue. 

So been with noissue for about a year and I'm based in Santa Barbara, California. Super excited to be a part of noissue. 

So for those that aren't familiar, we help small businesses, brands, makers, side hustlers, create and purchase sustainable and customizable packages.

Jenn: Awesome. Thank you so much. 

Okay, so I'd love for, well, first of all, I just want to say we're going to be announcing a very exciting Sendle and noissue partnership at the end, so please stay with us. 

But I'd love to hear a little bit more about how noissue was founded. I think that Sendle and noissue were kind of kinder, businesses and a lot of ways and that we sort of have people in the same places, in Australia and in the US and the companies are kind of growing it. 

Similar kind of speeds. And we also both work with small businesses. And so I just love, if you can tell us a little bit about sort of noissue's back story.

Cathy: Absolutely. So noissue was born out of necessity. So our co-founders Augie and Josh a few years ago actually set to start a sustainable eyewear brand. 

So during that process, they were working to source sustainable packaging that they can brand, you know, for their brand, but weren't able to find what they were looking for at low enough minimums. 

So they went out, sourced their own, created their own launch, the brand, and found that the stockists that they were working with were actually more interested in the packaging that they were sending their eyewear in, all, and we're contacting them with questions on how to source it, where they could find it. 

So that kind of spawned noissue. And a couple of years later and over 10 new products, since that kind of initial, initial, noissue tissue, here we are, and still working to really serve that community of small businesses and stay really accessible for those folks because that's our origin story as well.

Jenn: noissue tissue. I love it. That's amazing. What's your favorite, piece of packaging that noissue does?

Cathy: Oh man. It's always so fun. I think it's the packaging or the packaging elements themselves are really incredible and fun, but it's really what the brands that bring them to life. 

So seeing the creativity that people put on our packaging is basically like a chip and people are like putting dip on it and making it into something special. So it's really fun to be able to facilitate that, be the chip I should say. 

But I would say I really like our tissue, you know, not just because it's our original product, but kind of that element that it brings to your unpacking unboxing unpackaging experience. so it really gives that kind of, even if it's just 10 seconds of opening a package, kind of feeling, filling the effort that went into that. 

And then also, you know, the ability to reuse that at the end, whether you're packaging your own presence or using it to ship things. So that's been my, my favorite kind of tangible product so far.

Jenn: I love that it does feel so luxurious when you get something that has tissue and you wrap it and sort of feel like, take a moment to just feel like you ordered something really special for yourself.

Cathy: Totally. 

I saw, yeah, Instagram that's just while we're thinking about like the reusing of the tissue, one of our creatives, who, you know, made some custom tissue with one of her illustrations, she actually wrapped cardboard boxes in it. 

And it's using that in her kids, like homeschooling room to be like nice organization boxes. And I'm like, oh, I can't wait to try that. 

Yeah, that's so smart. Don't have kids who are homeschooled, but I need to organization boxes too.

Jenn: Needs organization right now. I love that. How long have you been, or you said you've been with noissue about a year. 

What were you doing before you were at noissue? Tell us a little bit about your journey to your current role.

Cathy: Yeah, that's kind of a fun story. Prior to joining noissue, I actually worked with a small natural foods brand based here in Santa Barbara. 

So I was our brand and key accounts manager. and we actually utilize noissue's tissue and packaging with that business. And it's called Sun & Swell Foods

And that's how I got introduced to noissue and kind of promptly became obsessed with it. The brand started following all the social channels and kind of did yeah. 

And ended up working with the team. And I'm so grateful for that. It was like the perfect segue into my next step.

Jenn: So cool. What's been the difference or the biggest difference for you of going from the eCommerce side or from the brand side to supporting brands?

Cathy: Yeah, I actually think it was kind of the perfect background to step into my role here and that we're really aiming to support small businesses. 

So having been on that side of what those pain points are, I mean, we were a really small team, like four and a half team members. So just really knowing those pain points of like we need, of how we can support them. 

And kind of while we look at different resources beyond just our products, what we can develop to help the small business community, just been awesome to be on that side of it being like, what are my pain points at that point and how can I translate that into a better experience for our community members and the resources that we're putting out for them?

Jenn: Definitely. So we're all working from home because of COVID, but what does your day-to-day sort of look like, in your role?

Cathy: Oh, it's so diverse and not to sound cliche, but every day is so, so different. Which is one of the things I love about being part of like a growing, you know, startup, I should say. 

And again, not to sound cliche, cliche, but our partner team is really working on building out some really exciting initiatives and new communities. So day-to-day looks very different, you know, whether you're project managing something that's already in existence or we're in an ideation stage for a new initiative or having conversations with partners. 

So I just kind of loved that dynamic, dynamic energy and, you know, starting every day fresh and, and taking what's thrown at you.

Jenn: Yeah. I love it. What are some of your favorite things about noissue? 

Just, we've talked about supporting small businesses. That's my favorite kind of, part of my job is being able to check in with folks and see how they're doing, but, yeah. What are some things about the company that you really feel connected to?

Cathy: Yeah, for starters, I'm new to working with a global team. 

So coming from a small local company, which was an awesome experience with that kind of in-person energy, shifting to being part of a global team that has hubs, you know, truly located all over the world, it's just incredible for, you know, your day to day conversations on connecting with our team members in London, in Auckland, New Zealand, and Manila and Vancouver. 

So it keeps the conversations really fresh and things feeling really energized. And also like in a time when my own world has shrunk to these four walls, it's so awesome to see kind of glimpses and, having this connection to other places. 

So I love that. Like, even though we're dispersed and global collaboration and connection is so important to us as a team. So just a lot of fun to be a part of, for sure. Yeah.

Jenn: That's amazing. Shout out to Manila because we have some folks from Manila that are rock stars.

Cathy: And glue that holds us together.

Jenn: 100 percent. We'd love your all year maintenance for your health. Okay. 

So I want to talk about sort of boxing and unboxing, and I want to hear from noissue's perspective, why small businesses, why brands, companies should be investing in that experience it's not like one...

Cathy: No, but definitely I would say the main one is, is, you know, obviously in the world of eCommerce and online shopping and all of that, it is it's so competitive and noisy, and we're all kind of fighting for that attention of customers and an audience where when we get to the step up an unboxing, it's really unique in that it's a, one-to-one you have a captive audience and as we maybe cheesily, like to say, you have a hundred percent open rate, right. 

So let's take...

Yeah. A little fun, fun quick there. Yeah. So just really something that you can take advantage of and you can create this moment of, you know, obviously the product that you're selling or sending, is going to be the biggest extension of your brand, but this, to create other elements that a customer or recipient can really connect with. 

I think that you can not place enough value on that. Right. So give it all you got, it's really also what can differentiate small businesses from kind of the, maybe Amazon's of the world. 

A lot of care goes into every facet of a small business, whether it's a one-person team, who's touching literally every element of the business, or up to 10 folks or 20 there's still so much care that goes into it. 

And I think extending that onto your packaging is what can really connect with customers and create some of that loyalty and just stand out in a sea of, you know, just brown boxes that are way too big for what's inside of them.

Jenn: Yes. 100%. When you are shopping for yourself, kind of what are some of the things that you're looking for from small businesses Well, we're all

Cathy: Doing quite a bit of online shopping,

That can go into that. But what I really look for, I mean, as a consumer myself, I really like longevity and quality of products. 

So really try to think about things that I'm purchasing and how long I'll be able to use them and kind of the quality of care that goes into them. 

That being said, I'm also a sucker for a good origin story or some sort of connection that I can feel with either the founders or just the team and kind of why they came about. 

So I would say that coupled with incredible branding is kind of what we'll catch will catch my eye or encourage me to hit that checkout after letting it sit in my car

Jenn: A couple of weeks. That's so on-brand for all of us though. Right Like trying to sort of marinate over things for a, I'm going to guess you're similar to me in that, like seeing all of the things that people are making with noissue packaging makes you find lots of amazing small businesses. 

And so that's one of the best slash worst things for my wallet is that I'm finding new jewelry makers, new candlemakers new like gift boxes, artists, like, just, there's such an incredible talented pool of people out there who are making a major... 

And so I'd love to know about some of your favorite small businesses.

Cathy: Well, here we go. I would be remiss not to point out the makers of my lovely earrings and, they're Good and Gold Studio. She is a hand, she handmakes some really incredible minimalistic, but still kind of boho and fun jewelry.

And I actually kind of found her organically on Etsy now, a proud owner of three pairs of her earrings. Amazing. 

But yeah, so that obviously Etsy is such an incredible pool, but I think what was another exciting element of that is receiving which this is one of my favorite things to experience it's ordering from a shop that I just found and connected with and then it arriving and like a compostable, noissue mailer. 

This is so awesome. So definitely, yeah, I can spend so much time down the Etsy route. There's a lot of great makers and just really soulful folk folks on there that are doing incredible work. 

What else? Oh, definitely Sun & Swell Foods, the organic food company that I used to work with are doing some really incredible stuff in the sustainable food packaging space. 

So though they're small, they're really mighty and kind of leading the charge on compostable packaging for pantry supplies, snacks, and also just introduced a, like a sendback program for them. 

So if you don't have access to compost, you can, they'll send you a mailer and you can send it on into them and to, compost for you. So those are the types of brands that I think I really connect with and, and yeah, look for and just, I don't want to call it going the extra mile, but if you can like feel the love

And the energy that a brand is radiating, it kind of, yeah, definitely pulls me in.

Jenn: Yeah, definitely. I'd love for anyone who's joining us to shout out their favorite small brands in the comments as well because there can never be too many earrings or things like that.

Cathy: What about you, Jenn? A favorite brand that comes to mind?

Jenn: Actually, speaking of earrings, I'd love tworootsshop, which is on Etsy as well. So she's a maker based out of Oakland and she does. Yeah, she does like, poly clay earrings. actually, I have a pair here. 

I like to keep many by my desk because, so they say “Resist”. Fun. Amazing. Yeah. Her work is really, really cool. 

Natural Ash who I just found, she's actually going to be joining us for, Hey Sendler. Look at me. I'm in a commercial. She does. Can't see organic body butter that's amazing. 

Lady Box is someone who I found recently, who I think is really cool. And she does like a pampered box, with like women's care products. And so that's one that I've been really excited about. 

And then actually my dress is from a maker out of Portland, MiLou Designs and she does like block printed things.

Cathy: I love, you're going to have to send this list out after like trying to write it down. Like Cathy, we can, we can grab that after.

Jenn: I will send to everyone, all the... we'll put them on there.

And put them in the... Trang is saying she likes Tootsie Jewelry, which, high fives for a great name basically on that. Which is awesome. Yeah. 

So if anyone else has any small businesses that they'd love to shout out, feel free to pop them in the chat because we would all love to know about them. 

What's your favorite packaging touch when you get something in the mail, what's something that you're just like, ‘Oh, okay. This is amazing’. Like what makes you feel like a special consumer when you see it?

Cathy: Well, you know, we're all ordering stuff online. So I kind of like to instantly recognize when something that I've been waiting for comes in the mail so I can get excited about it. 

So definitely maybe like a fun tape or stickers on the outside that, you know, have the brand, if it's not just, no, even just beyond a logo, if it's a fun illustration or something that connects to the brand and just kind of is instantly recognizable for me, that's like you, then you get all excited, you bring it inside, then you get to do the full kind of experience. 

So for me, that's like the tip there starts, the whole process is just that recognition of this is what I've been waiting for.

Jenn: That is such a great call-out. Not one that I would have thought about. 

I'm just like instantly being able to recognize that something's come to you instead of being like in a nondescript box or something like that. 

Do you keep packaging materials like, do you reuse boxes and tissue paper and things like that?

Cathy: Yes, I do. 

I have, I'm like looking over here because we have like, our TV has some big pullout drawers and I have to like force myself sometimes not to keep stuffing things in there, but it's so great when the holidays come around or, you know, well, a virtual baby shower or things like that to kind of up elements to pull out. 

It also is like gotten to a point where it's painful to purchase like wrapping paper or gift bags or something because we're receiving so much if you can just hold onto it for a little bit, and then reuse it and then it kind of gives it a little bit of a more special touch too, for that recipient, I think. 

Jenn: I love it when something has a sticker on top, like, so that I have to like break it open and feel like you literally are unboxing something like opening a present. 

And it does feel like one of those really small touches. I also like tissue paper, so I used to work for a small, eCommerce firm too, and we wrapped everything in tissue and then put them in mailers and everything. 

But the wrapping process of putting things in tissue also feels like semi-cathartic to me because I used to work in retail as well. Oh my in my retail life and, wrapping things to make them feel more elevated. 

But yeah, the, the sticker part of just like taking the sticker off feels very,

Cathy: I definitely love a good sticker.

Jenn: Yes. Yeah. It feels really exciting for me. What can we expect to see from noissue this year? Like what are you guys working on? What's coming up? What are some exciting things?

Cathy: A lot of things. So not to spill the beans on everything too soon. We do have quite a few exciting products on the docket. 

So keep an eye out for that, you know, more, just kind of more, products in that branding packaging space. So a lot of fun things on the horizon there. 

And then in terms of kind of the partner team, or just really, working to keep digging into these communities and find ways that we can continue to bring new and fresh resources for them, and then keep leaning into partnerships that really bring value and finding creative ways we can activate the different folks that we work with.

Jenn: Yeah, that's awesome. I did not send you this, but I wanted to ask anyway, cause I'm really excited about it. 

I love the noissue's creative account. And I'm wondering if you can talk a little bit about, why you all have it, what was the sort of impetus for creating it, and how it's sort of separate from the noissue account itself.

Cathy: Yeah, absolutely. So the noissue creatives or the creative community as we call it actually sits within our, our partner channel. So very close to it. So near to my heart. 

So I'm really glad you brought it up. 

But basically, it's a global community of designers, illustrators, studios, typographers, really anyone in this creative space who's who creates for themselves, but also on behalf of others. And a lot of times they work with small businesses and there's just a lot of synergy between kind of what we're building with noissue. 

And obviously, design is very near and dear to our hearts as well. We are really intentional about all of our branding. 

So rather than just kind of activating these folks as customers, we're building them into this community where we can connect them with small businesses that might be in need of design work. 

We can showcase them, we can feature their different, their different stories and projects that they've worked on. So it's all kind of just around celebrating this creativity that is really at the heart of what noissue's about. 

So no better way than to do that with kind of these independent folks all around, all around the world.

Jenn: That's so amazing. I love that. Yeah. 

Everyone, please check out the Instagram account because the work that's there is really beautiful, and looks really inspiring and just kind of, lots of people to check out and sort of admire...

Cathy: So many talented folks and all, so many different styles and coming from all over. So just, it's basically just a showcase of what they're capable of, which is yeah. Really inspiring.

Jenn: Wow. That's amazing. Okay. What are some of your favorite partnerships to date. No pressure to say Sendle and myself. Though I think I'm quite lovely...

Cathy: I'd agree.

Jenn: Thank you. I'd love to hear more about some of the other partners that you all are working with and sort of how you source those partnerships and how you're finding like brand alignment or, you know, value in working with other communities. 

And you know, like where you're looking for them.

Cathy: Yeah, definitely. So we think of our partnerships in kind of a really creative way. 

So I would point to our creative community as one area of the kind of what we consider partnerships because we really want that to be a symbiotic relationship, right. 

Where we're bringing value to each other, we're creating kind of all of these fun opportunities. So that would be definitely a good example of how we think about our partnerships, but then in terms of kind of this industry experts is how we like to frame our like B2B partnerships if you will. 

So kind of, and I promise Jenn, didn't pay me to say this, but our partnership with Sendle, I would say is a great example of just partnering up with a brand and a business that's not just supporting the same community that we are, but has the same values in mind.

So that accessibility for small businesses, sustainability is at the heart of what you do, but doing it all in a really fun, approachable way. 

Huge fan of Sendle's branding, and just kind of how you present yourself. So I would say, you know, that's a, you guys are a great, you all are a great example of kind of who we like to partner with. 

And then with, there's just so many creative ways that we can work together. So, you know, we've done things like content swaps, our fun partnership that we'll be giving a nod to later today. 

But yeah, so some other partners that come to mind in that sustainable fashion world would be Supply Compass

So they're doing really incredible things in the sustainable apparel space with helping folks who are launching brands to find not just sustainable, but ethical manufacturers and basically doing the vetting for the supply chain for apparel. 

So that's a really exciting one because we work with a lot of, you know, small designers and apparel brands just getting started. 

So to be able to sync them up with kind of the experts who have been there, done that, checked out all these factories and, you know, all the way through the entire, I can't do that, their platform justice, they do a lot of incredible things, but just kind of, yeah. 

Looking for similar brands that have the same kind of mission that we do, which is supporting small businesses.

Jenn: I love that you touched on sustainability and I'm wondering if you can tell us a little bit about why sustainability is so important to no issue and how sustainability does go hand in hand with the boxing experience?

Cathy: Definitely. So sustainability is obviously a big buzzword these days as we all, which is a great thing, I'm all for it. Let's all be talking about it.

But we, again think of sustainability. We kind of define it creatively. So we think about it obviously the impact on, on the planet, and on our footprint and things like that, but also are really focused on building a sustainable business kind of thinking in that mindset of everything should have longevity and intentionality behind it. 

So you can be sustainable in, you know, just thinking beyond kind of the planet impact. So I think that having that at the heart of everything we do just kind of stands out. And as you said, it naturally aligns with kind of, we are creating a physical product. Yeah. 

So we should be creating it, not just thinking about where we're sourcing from, but kind of what the end of life is for it, how it can be used, and all of the elements that go into it.

Jenn: Yeah. And reused, please reuse your packaging.

Cathy: Yes, definitely. And then there are so many fun things that we're seeing that our audiences are that our community and our audience is doing with their packaging too. 

And that's another reason that small businesses are just the best because they're thinking outside of this, we're just giving you a box and you're going to do this with that, and then throw it away. 

They're thinking of how can we make that into a fun experience, How can we have it be a sustainable experience that resonates with you, but then has life outside of that, those two seconds of opening, right?

Jenn: Yeah. They're really the thought leaders in that regard, I think, in that they're the ones who were sort of trailblazing the way of figuring out how to be sustainable and creative and reusable and beautiful. 

Like all of these things that I think are coming out of the small businesses, that are those tiny teams of like one to four and a half people.

Cathy: Which is incredible, you know, that folks who are doing so much still can put that effort and energy into this while there's, you know, larger businesses that have full teams around it. 

So it's just so awesome to see.

Jenn: Definitely. I want to give a call out to anyone who's joining us. If you're a participant and you have a question for Sendle or for noissue, please feel free to pop it in the chatbox. 

We definitely want to be able to answer any questions that you have. And then I want to give us time to talk about our exciting partnership. 

You know, the things I'm most excited about kind of coming into 2021. And so if I have like a magical drum roll, I do it. But I'm no good at that. So this was about...

Cathy: I was about to try and then I was like... ‘You're doing great, Cathy. Don't do it.’

Jenn: And so, yeah, we're launching a very exciting partnership, with noissue this year. And I'll let you do the honors if you don't mind telling me a bit about it. Yeah.

Cathy: I know I had to hold myself back from stealing your thunder.

Jenn: Yes.

Cathy: Yeah. So, we're really excited to be launching a year-long campaign where we'll be, opening up the floor to small businesses to apply for a packaging make-over so we'll be pulling one. Well, I should say the team at Sendle will be pulling winners every month, one kind of grand prize winner. 

And I'll let Jenn elaborate a little bit about what that process will look like, what, yeah. Kind of what the winnings will look like.

Jenn: Yeah, so it's like Cathy just said, very exciting. We're going to pick one winner a month. 

We'll pop the landing page in the chat here in a second, or if one of my lovely colleagues wouldn't mind doing so that would be fantastic. 

But we're going to be picking one winner a month so that you can elevate your boxing experience. Each winner will tell us or each entry form, basically, you'll tell us a little bit about your business, what you do, who you are, why you would love to kind of be able to elevate it more. 

And the winner is going to receive $500 worth of noissue packaging materials that you can customize and select on your own, which is amazing, free packages from Sendle and our compostable mailers. 

And so it's really just an amazing opportunity to kind of dabble a bit into the unboxing experience if you've been curious, but haven't been able to put that investment into your business. This is a great way to kind of do that. 

We're really excited to see what you've been doing and what you could be doing with your boxing experience, with this partnership. 

And I think it really just gives people the opportunity to flourish and shine and kind of, like you were saying earlier, stand out from the crowd a bit, and make yourself a little bit more, pizzazz-y or something. 

Yeah, so that's launched today. It's very exciting. So if you're online with us, you can go to the entry form and fill it out and we'll be in touch, with the winners. And like we said, it carries over. It's all year, so please feel free to enter, share. 

And then we'd also love to see your boxing experience or unboxing if you will, on Instagram. So feel free to tag us in your photo posts with the hashtag Sendle no issue.

I also want to say, Ashley has a question here. Hi Ashley, thanks for joining. 

She says I'm a florist and would love to see wax tissue similar to the food-grade tissue, but larger sizes and custom printed ribbon. So a suggestion for the noissue team and...

Cathy: Ashley, I say, stay tuned.

Jenn: That's awesome. I love that. That's exciting actually. That's really exciting. I love hearing that you're a florist. 

If you don't mind popping your website into the chat, I would love to check it out. I want to open up the floor. If anyone has questions, if you're not shy and you would like to come on video, we would love to see your beautiful face. If you are shy... 

Oh, Magnolia and Poppy is Ashley's website. So everyone, feel free to write that down and share it. We'd love to check it out. 

Thank you for sharing, but yeah, if anyone has any questions, I'm going to leave the floor open for folks to either hop on or pop it in the chat. Thank you. 

I think Cathy, if there's anything you want to know where you have questions about kind of the floor is yours to tell folks anything that is awesome.

Cathy: Yeah. Well, while we wait for the questions to just start rolling in, Ashley, I do have kind of a fun opportunity for you. 

We are working on launching the noissue events hub, where we'll be working with various folks in the event space, the event vendors. so florists are definitely one of the cohorts that we're looking at supporting. 

So would encourage you to check out our events hub application on our website. 

We have a lot of fun things coming in that space, and yeah, we'll be working to just support you and to support, to support, folks in the events industry since it's, we all know it's been a, been an interesting year and a challenging year, so just trying to figure out how we can help there and help folks navigate this new landscape.

Jenn: That's amazing. I love that. 

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you're hoping to like facilitate that, connection between folks and sort of what you all are hoping that would look like?

Cathy: Yeah, definitely. So kind of going back to, to the heart of noissue in that we're working on supporting small businesses and again, kind of identifying those pain points, our customers take part in, you know, all types of different markets and craft fairs and things like that. 

So that's kind of one avenue of the event space that we'd love to team up or are teaming up with different markets and place where these, where these brands are vendoring and showcasing. 

So finding ways to help introduce them to each other and create kind of those connections and, and open up opportunities to both. 

And then in the more like traditional event planner event, vendor space, just again, find different ways we can showcase these small business owners and these entrepreneurs and shine light on really the incredible and beautiful things that they're doing, even if it's on a smaller scale these days. 

And of course, you know, some products that will be coming to assist with things in that arena as well. But yeah, just all about kind of supporting and bringing people together and celebrating all the things that we are still managing to do.

Jenn: That's beautiful. I love it. Okay. 

Last call out for questions, I guess we're so amazing that we answered all of them, but another second, just in case, and also, a call out to Ashley's website, being beautiful and amazing, which we really do have the coolest community of people were supporting. 

I think if no one has any questions, Cathy, can you let folks know how they can get in touch with you if they do have questions

Cathy: Yeah, definitely. My email inbox is open to questions. Another great way to find us would be partnerships@noissue.co that will get in touch with the right member of the partner team. 

So whether you're an event planner or you're a creative or you're an industry expert, would love to see you pop into that partnerships email and figure out a creative way we can work together.

Jenn: Amazing. And then how can people find noissue online? What are your sort of, what are your handles?

Cathy: You can find us at noissue.co you can find us on Instagram @noissueco and @noissuecreatives

So be sure to check out both we're also on Pinterest, dribbble, Twitter. Oh, Tik Tok. I love it. 

The list just goes on and on, but yeah, I would say our Instagram is a great place to start and to meet a lot of our community and check out their incredible designs and what they're doing...

Jenn: ...and places to find small businesses to support and order from.

Cathy: Exactly, exactly.

Jenn: That's fantastic. This was great. Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge and energy with the Sendle community. I really, really appreciate it.

Like Cathy mentioned, if you have questions for them, her inbox is open, my inbox is open, so feel free to send us a message. 

And we'll be sure to include the link for the new Sendle noissue partnership and boxing competition when we send out the video and the transcript. But if anyone has questions, please let us know. 

And thank you so much for helping us kick off season two of Hey Sendler. You were amazing.

Cathy: Thank you so much for having me Jenn and thanks for everyone for attending and excited for what's to come.

Jenn: Perfect. All right. Thanks everyone!

hey sendler webinar series

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