The Zero Waste movement has gained steam in the last few years. And, with good reason! It’s becoming more and more obvious that we can’t sustain our usual routines without having an adverse impact on this planet we love so dearly.

Nobody likes taking out the trash (let alone the recycling). Similarly, the planet isn’t a huge fan of our mounds of slowly decaying trash (and the resulting greenhouse gases 🤢). We can do better.

Luckily, buying products that replace the single-use plastics in your life has never been easier, with more and more shops  developing products without all the waste.

Let’s get into all the best Shopify stores where you can find your sustainable waste-free wares.


Zero Waste products for your skin


booni doon

Sendle booni doon Sendle booni doon

Photos credit: booni doon

A US-based skincare company founded on the idea that self-care shouldn’t be so harmful to the environment, booni doon creates sustainably sourced products and uses zero-plastic containers and packaging. 

Their cleanser is packaged in compostable  and water dissolvable capsules and glass and bamboo containers. They plant over 500 trees a year and give 1% of revenue to environmental non-profits. If that wasn’t enough, they also use Sendle to ship everything 100% carbon neutral.


No Tox Life

Sendle No Tox Life Sendle No Tox Life

Photos credit: No Tox Life

This US-based line of vegan body and home care products is a women- and family-run business (a mother and daughter venture) centered around toxin-free and natural skincare.

They ship using sustainable and plastic-free packaging, from biodegradable peanuts and paper padding to reused and upcycled cardboard boxes and paper tape.



Sendle Anato Sendle Anato

Photos credit: Anato

A minimalist and natural skincare brand based in Santa Cruz, California, Anato uses renewable trees and perennial plants to create their products with a focus on regenerative agriculture. 

Understanding the problem of single-use plastic and the overwhelming unrecyclability of plastics, they choose to package their products in three ways—bare, without packaging whatsoever; reusable, like aluminum and glass that can be endlessly reused and recycled; and compostable, in cardboard and brown paper that can be composted at home.


Meow Meow Tweet

Sendle Meow Meow Tweet Sendle Meow Meow Tweet

Photos credit: Meow Meow Tweet

This US-based small-batch skin care company makes organic and vegan products for the whole body. Believing that the health of the planet is of the utmost importance, they use as little plastic in their packaging as possible, embellishing it all with their whimsical illustrations.

Plus, they regularly donate some of their proceeds to a variety of organizations doing good in the world.


Sustainable personal and hair care products


A Drop in the Ocean

Sendle A Drop in the Ocean Sendle A Drop in the Ocean

Photos credit: A Drop in the Ocean

This Zero Waste boutique based in Tacoma, Washington aims to make ‘sustainable living accessible to all’ with their selection of sustainable alternatives to common disposables and bulk refills of home and self care products.

For every purchase made, they plant ten trees and at least 1% of sales each year are donated to Vermilion Sea Institute. They are proudly plastic-free (as they should be).



Sendle HiBAR Sendle HiBAR

Photos credit: HiBAR

Based in Minnesota, this Zero Waste brand sells salon quality bar shampoo and conditioner. So, no plastic container, no goopy liquid, just a bar of conditioner and a bar of shampoo. Sulfate-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free haircare.

The product packaging and shipping materials are either compostable or recyclable. No plastic allowed.


Bar None

Sendle Bar None Sendle Bar None

Photos credit: Bar None

This New Zealand/Australian brand makes Zero Waste bar shampoo and conditioner, plus biodegradable hair ties. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and totally plastic-free.

All packaging materials are recyclable, so no worries about adding to your trash bin.


by Humankind

Sendle by Humankind Sendle by Humankind

Photos credit: by Humankind

This New York-based ‘proudly carbon-neutral’ brand sells low waste personal care products with a focus on reusability and natural ingredients. Through their subscription service, you initially get refillable containers with your order and your following shipments will be refills without further packaging needed.

Their packaging is mainly biodegradable paper, easily compostable or recyclable. The reusable containers are made of durable plastic. Plus, their website is a wonder, full of beautiful visuals and compelling educational content.


Just for the kitchen


Three Bluebirds

Sendle Three Bluebirds Sendle Three Bluebirds

Photos credit: Three Bluebirds


This US-based sustainable brand focuses entirely on Swedish dishcloths, a super absorbent and washable cloth made from cellulose and cotton that biodegrades completely at the end of its long life. All designs are created in-house.

They also donate 1% of their annual sales to support wetland and habitat restoration through 1% for the Planet. Woohoo!


One-stop Zero Waste shops


Eco Collective

Sendle Eco Collective Sendle Eco Collective

Photos credit: Eco Collective

This Seattle-based women-owned Zero Waste shop was created based on the idea that buying sustainably should be easy, like going to your nearest drugstore. 

Their carefully curated products include anything from toothpaste tablets, deodorant, and vitamins to utensil sets, sustainable cleaners, and office supplies.

They ship everything plastic-free 100% carbon neutrally (using Sendle) throughout the US. If you live near Seattle, you can also opt for pickup.


Package Free Shop

Sendle Package Free Shop Sendle Package Free Shop

Photos credit: Package Free Shop

This NYC-based Zero Waste brand describes itself as ‘an ecosystem of brands on a mission to make the world less trashy’. Well-put. Their truly expansive line of Zero Waste products are 100% plastic-free, plus all shipping materials are completely recyclable and compostable.

On top of everything else, they offset their emissions to go carbon neutral and have dedicated at least 15% of their assortment to Black-owned businesses.


Wild Minimalist

Sendle Wild Minimalist Sendle Wild Minimalist

Photos credit: Wild Minimalist

This California-based Zero Waste shop was created to make it easier for people to go Zero Waste, all in one place. What can be a steep learning curve, they aim to make simpler by stocking as many of your Zero Waste essentials as possible.

They emphasize plastic-free packaging in their shipments and offer Zero Waste kits to a quick start to your new lifestyle.


Zero Waste Cartel

Sendle Zero Waste Cartel Sendle Zero Waste Cartel

Photos credit: Zero Waste Cartel

This Australian Zero Waste shop stocks a ton of products (a few of which can be found in this roundup) that can transform your everyday life into a less wasteful affair. From the stuff in your bathroom to the cabinets in your kitchen and beyond, they’ve got the gear.

While based in Australia, they also have warehouses across the US. All shipping packaging is recyclable or compostable.



Sendle Zerovana Sendle Zerovana

Photos credit: Zerovana

This small family-owned business out of Dallas, Texas believe in the idea of business as a force for change (so do we!). The company was born out of their family’s personal move away from the wasteful trappings of convenience.

From reusable replacements for many disposable items—bags, utensils, coffee cups—to personal care and cleaning products, Zerovana hopes to move people away from convenient wastefulness in a simple way. They ship everything completely plastic-free in sustainable packaging.


Eco Roots

Sendle Eco Roots Sendle Eco Roots

Photos credit: Eco Roots

This eco-conscious brand out of Aspen, Colorado was started to help teach people about the reality of single-use plastic’s effect on the environment. Come here for your plastic-free cleaning supplies, your package-free bath and body products, and your long-lasting home wares.

They source and curate goods from small businesses that align with their own values. So, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and sustainably packaged. Plus, they give a portion of each sale to Ocean Conservancy.



Sendle Etee Sendle Etee

Photos credit: Etee

This Canadian/American Zero Waste outfit makes all sorts of incredible products, from toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrushes to dish soap concentrate and beeswax foodbags. The back story is amazing, but you should just read it yourself.

They’ve even got a Plastic Free Club, wherein the products are sold at wholesale prices for members. 


Well Earth Goods

Sendle Well Earth Goods Sendle Well Earth Goods

Photos credit: Well Earth Goods

This Oregon-based family-owned Zero Waste store has it all. For your teeth, skin, and hair—mouthwash and toothpaste tablets, shampoo and conditioner bars, deodorants and soaps, and more. For your home—cleaning products, dish and laundry necessities, and kitchen storage. Plus, a bunch of stuff for just about anything else.

They are dedicated to being plastic-free, using recyclable/biodegradable glassine bags, compostable stickers, starch-based peanuts, and recyclable paper packaging for all shipments.


Empty Bin Zero Waste

Sendle Empty Bin Zero Waste Sendle Empty Bin Zero Waste

Photos credit: Empty Bin Zero Waste

Based in Ohio, this Zero Waste shop was started by a newly-minted grandmother who decided that convenience could no longer outweigh sustainability. Teresa Mazey stocks just about everything you need to start your Zero Waste life.

While Empty Bin operates locally in Canton, Ohio, all items can be shipped as well. Packaging is recyclable and compostable.



Sendle Weighstead Sendle Weighstead

Photos credit: Weighstead

This Colorado-based, WOC-owned Zero Waste store carries a curated assortment of products that will help you put less in the trash bin. For every order, they plant a tree through One Tree Planted!

All shipping packaging is plastic-free and recyclable.


The Waste Less Shop

Sendle The Waste Less Shop Sendle The Waste Less Shop

Photos credit: The Waste Less Shop

This California-based shop sells sustainable home goods and gifts for those that want to waste less. For local customers, pickup and local delivery are options. Outside of the Los Angeles area, shipping is available nationwide.

For every purchase, a tree is planted through One Tree Planted.


Marley's Monsters

Sendle Marley's Monsters Sendle Marley's Monsters

Photos credit: Marley's Monsters

A rare double from our Zero Waste Etsy roundup, Marley’s Monsters also has a Shopify storefront. This Oregonian Zero Waste shop has a large selection of reusable alternatives to disposables, opting for fabric over paper and plastics.

All packaging materials are plastic-free and recyclable (if not compostable).

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