These 9 bulk shipping hacks can help your business stand out on Mother’s Day and beyond, while saving some time and money. Let’s dive right in.

They say Mother’s Day is the busiest Sunday of the year for restaurants, but actually, it’s a hectic time for retailers, too! (Well, even weeks prior. IYKYK.)

Orders come in like never before, plus keeping up with deliveries can be quite the adventure. If you’re in this situation, don’t sweat it. All’s well with Sendle. We’ll make sure your parcels get where they need to go right on time with this cheat sheet.

Whether you’re selling gift cards, aromatherapy kits, crochet bags, or other mom-approved items, these bulk shipping hacks can help your business stand out on Mother’s Day and beyond, while saving time and money. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

woman using phone while preparing packages

1.   Get ahead of the game by prepping early.

Preparing your inventory and packaging materials well in advance can prevent cramming your way to shipping.

And once everything is packed and your orders confirmed, you can generate SCAN Forms with Sendle (and get automatically emailed to your inbox daily) to make things much easier to track and organize. You'll breeze through bulk orders like a champ, send every order as needed, with enough time to spare for a well-deserved Mother’s Day celebration with your own loved ones.

2.   Organize your sched: set order deadlines.

Set the scene for seamless transactions by giving your customers a heads-up about order deadlines. Perhaps a gentle note that says, “We can send your gift on or before Mother’s Day when you order until this day or time” will do. Doing this could set customer expectations, save your business from potential delays or last-minute rushes, and promote better inventory management.

3.   Offer faster delivery options.

Touch base with your carrier about faster shipping services, so you can offer them to your customers. If you’re in the U.S., Sendle’s 2-day and 3-day guaranteed delivery features make great options for (almost) last-minute orders at very affordable prices.

4.   Snag the perks: Take advantage of free pickups and easy drop offs.

Save time and energy by booking a free pick up with Sendle or going to a drop off location near you. Our staff will pick up parcels from your store, right at your doorstep, or any other location you prefer. If you’re on the move, we’ve got drop off locations nationwide (with some still open until wee hours), so you can easily drop by in a manner that suits you best.

5.   Boost their savings: Offer free shipping promos.

If you want a potential competitive advantage, you can offer free shipping promos to your customers—like for instance, a minimum of $50 worth of orders would qualify them for free shipping.

As per a 2021 study, 78% of consumers are willing to buy more to unlock free shipping, so this strategy may boost sales, too. Besides, you can save big on shipping as you ship more with Sendle. And the best part? There’s no subscription requirement, no hidden fees, and no minimums required.

person gift packages

6.   Wrap it up with a special touch.

Make your packing more celebratory and attractive to customers by adding some Mother’s Day flair. It can show that you value special occasions and care about making things memorable for your customers, which may also add to their positive experience with your brand. Perhaps gift tags, embellished lace, or patterns? We know moms love attention to detail.

7.   Let them stay in the loop with real-time tracking.

Knowing the exact location of a parcel and seeing real-time updates helps customers plan for the parcel’s arrival more effectively. Since they can anticipate its arrival, they can easily make arrangements to ensure someone (or their mom) is available to receive the parcel.

ICYDK, Sendle has a free, real-time tracking feature, so you and your customers can take a look at the exact location of the parcel at any time.

8.   Highlight protection against loss or damage.

Product safety is a common concern for customers, especially if they’re buying something fragile or expensive. What’s promising is that when you ship with Sendle, you can easily highlight our free Sendle Cover, which protects parcels against loss or damage. The cap varies depending on your pricing plan and location. In the U.S., it’s up to US$150, in Canada it’s up to CA$100, and in Australia, it’s up to AU$100.

9.   Give them assurance: customer support is on standby.

It can give customers peace of mind when they know they can speak with someone in case they have questions or concerns about their parcels. Sendle has 24/7 customer support, so you or your customers can reach out whenever you feel like it, and our friendly support team will assist you as soon as possible.


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Simplify bulk shipping with Sendle

Nail bulk shipping like the boss that you are with proper planning and the right shipping partner. Plus, you can make it simple and affordable with Sendle, saving more as you ship more through and through.

If you haven’t already, sign up on Sendle now to unlock top-tier perks:

  • Free pickups
  • Easy drop offs
  • Free Sendle Cover
  • Real-time tracking
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 100% carbon-neutral deliveries
  • No minimums, no subscriptions, no peak surcharges

As always, we’re rooting for you.


Ship sustainably with Sendle

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