Every year, Sendlers get to have their say on what carbon offset projects we invest in to keep every shipment 100% carbon neutral

This year, we had six amazing projects to choose from—three based in Australia and three based in the United States. Everyone got two votes, one for the US and one for Australia. 

We’re super excited to announce this year’s winners. 

And the winners are...

Lower Mississippi Valley Reforestation (United States)

This project aims to reforest one million acres throughout the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois.


Photo courtesy: South Pole

Considered North America’s rainforest, this region is a vital habitat for migratory birds as well as numerous plant and animal species.


  • 1,619,592 tCO2e reduced annually through forest carbon sequestration
  • 89.4 hectares reforested so far, with a mixture of native bottomland hardwood trees
  • 96,015 trees planted in this initial project area

Boobera Native Forest Regeneration (Australia)

By excluding livestock and managing pests in these areas, this project uses Human-Induced Regeneration (HIR) method to restore forest cover that had been lost to grazing and invasive species.


Photo courtesy: South Pole

As trees grow, they improve habitat for native species and restore local ecosystem services.


  • Alternative income streams generated for landholders through the sale of carbon credits
  • 88,000 tCO2e emission reductions achieved to date as carbon is sequestered in regenerated trees
  • 27,000 hectares of habitat protected for native Australian wildlife and fire-dependent ecosystems supported
  • Increased biodiversity achieved through pest control and increased forest cover for native wildlife

For those of you who voted based on the representative animal in our quiz, the winners are the ever-talkative grey-crowned babbler and the muscled and majestic brown bear.

The grey-crowned babbler
The grey-crowned babbler

The brown bear
The brown bear

But really, every year’s winner is nature. And the amazing small business community that ships with Sendle.

It is because of these great projects that Sendle ships everything 100% carbon neutral in the US and Australia. And, we’re the first and only shipper to do it.

If you didn’t get a chance to vote this year (or if you happen not to be a Sendler just yet), you’ll have your chance next year!

Until then, happy Sendling!

stack of parcel boxes with sendle shipping label floats around plant filled earth globe

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