Sustainability is a core part of our mission as the world’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping carrier. Since we began, we’ve been working to offset the e-commerce industry’s carbon footprint through sustainable, intentional, and achievable goals alongside small businesses and their customers. 2024 is no different in our continued progress toward a brighter future.

ICYMI, April is known as Earth Month, and Earth Day occurs every April 22. Around here, however, we like to show our appreciation for and connection to this blue dot we call our home all year long. It’s because we believe that shipping can be good for people, the economy, and the planet that we’re doing what we do.

Sendle is shipping that’s simple, affordable, reliable, and sustainable. These four aspects of what makes us us are not mutually exclusive. Better shipping for small businesses and their customers never has to come at the cost of our planet’s wellbeing.


How does Sendle ship more sustainably?

Sendle ships every package 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to businesses or their customers. We invest in environmental projects around the world to account for our carbon footprint. 

Check out this quick explanation of how we work.

Ship sustainably with Sendle

As we get further into a busy and bustling 2024, we want to take a moment to share what’s been happening behind the scenes lately. Spoiler alert: a lot is already going on! We’re so excited about the goals we’ve set this year to make our planet, and everything on it, happier and healthier.


So far this year…

  • We’ve set a science-based target to reach net zero by 2040. In the shipping industry the biggest thing we can do for the environment is reduce emissions and do so at a pace that will prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Setting a science based target gives us short-term and long-term goals to make sure we’re decarbonizing quickly enough. 
  • We’ve incorporated carbon intensity metrics. We recently launched a net zero dashboard to help team members measure and monitor our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce the amount of carbon we emit. 
  • We’ve had our parcels travel 58.4 billion km (or 36.3 billion miles) across Australia, the US, and Canada. And we’ve accounted for 100% of the carbon emitted along the way.

But the progress will not stop there! We’ve got big dreams and even bigger ambitions for the rest of 2024. And we couldn’t be more honored to have small businesses who share the same goals as we do join this journey.

Courier waving delivery van parcel inside on the road b corp over head carbon neutral badge sendle


What’s next in 2024?

  • Sustainable Sendle packaging for Australian Sendlers is coming back! We were thrilled to see so many Australian small businesses switch to better packaging. By popular demand, our sustainable packaging storefront will be making a return. Remember to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the Sendle Blog to find out when our grand reopening will be!
  • We’ll be investing in more carbon projects and climate solutions worldwide. This year we’re continuing to invest in reforestation and forest management, along with new projects including one that stops methane leaks by plugging orphaned oil and gas wells. Watch our website for more details on the projects and how they address climate change, support communities, and restore ecosystems
  • We’ll be renewing our certifications. It’s important to hold ourselves accountable as a Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral company. This year, we’re going through the rigorous B Corp recertification process and will be reviewing and improving the impact we have on the environment, our team, communities, and our customers. 


We’re all in this together.

What hasn’t changed is how we’ll continue to level the playing field for small businesses with shipping that’s simple, affordable, reliable, and sustainable. The way forward is looking brighter than ever, thanks to the small businesses consciously choosing to ship better with Sendle.

An illustration of a person holding sendle package

Happy Earth Day, and happy Sendling!


Send a parcel

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