At Sendle, we’re always looking for ways to make shipping simpler for you. Staying up to date with your shipments is so important and so we’ve made some changes to our notifications system to make it easy.

Knowing what’s going on with your account and shipments is easier than ever with our redesigned notification feed in the dashboard, giving you alerts right where you do your work.

We’re also giving you more control over what notifications you get to your inbox. If you are striving for Inbox Zero (wouldn’t that be nice), this is your chance to get that much closer to it.


Updated dashboard and more notifications control

The Sendle dashboard will now keep you up to date with all the most important information about your shipments with our redesigned notification feed. 

Better Way To Manage Sendle Account
You’ll get alerted to all your order and account events right in the dashboard, optimized for both the mobile and desktop experiences.Better Way To Manage Sendle Account

On top of that, we’re now giving you more control over how you get your notifications. You can now choose what notifications you want to get via email and which you prefer to get on the dashboard.

That means fewer emails in your inbox without missing out on a thing! What a dream.

Better Way To Manage Sendle Account


See your new dashboard


New, more useful tracking updates  

Instead of having to keep checking your tracking page, you will now be able to get notifications for important tracking events as they happen.

On top of all your existing notifications, you can now get updated when:

  • A support note is added to the tracking page.
  • A sender’s packages have been picked up. 
  • An investigation has been launched for a shipment.
  • There has been an issue picking up your packages.
  • There has been an issue delivering your packages.
  • A package is out for delivery.
  • You have a reminder for a lost parcel claim.

If you already use Sendle, just go to your dashboard to see the changes.

If you aren’t sending with Sendle yet and you’ve made it this far, it’s a great time to get started. No subscriptions, no minimums, 100% carbon neutral shipping—let's go!


Send it with Sendle

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