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Choosing the right Sendle service in the U.S.: Saver, Preferred, 3-Day, and 2-Day Shipping

Prefer to zip through the fast lane? Or would you rather slow down by a few mph’s and turn on cruise control? No matter which speed you like to send at, you’ve got plenty of cheap shipping options with Sendle.

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Sendle USA | 2 min read
February 8, 2023

Hey, hej, hola: Ship internationally from the United States

For many small business owners in the States, shipping over oceans can feel like a far-out dream. At Sendle, we believe that small businesses can grow further than where ...
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Sendle News | 4 min read
August 11, 2021

No peak surcharges: A ‘new normal’ to love

At Sendle, we’ve backed small businesses from day one. And now, just as we gear up for peak holiday shipping season, we're proud to introduce No Surcharges: Sendle's Peak ...
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Sendle USA | 3 min read
January 26, 2021

Sendle + Kidizen: Helping parents shop, sell, and ship sustainably in the US

Marketplaces are all the rage these days. They offer you the opportunity to reach new, already engaged, shoppers and sell more of your wares without having to put so much ...
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Customer Stories | 10 min read
July 3, 2020

Made in America: One bootmaker’s journey from side hustle to small-batch

Boots have been protecting our fragile feet from the elements for millennia. These days, we can choose from a dizzying array of boots, but they all seem to boil down to two ...
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Sendle USA | 2 min read
January 30, 2020

Announcing our fresh new US pricing

Sendle was designed to help small business stay competitive and thrive alongside the big guys. So, we've revamped our pricing.
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