It’s incredible how a crisis brings people together. Whether it's an airborne virus or climate disasters wreaking havoc, we've united to help our communities get through it.

All around the world, communities have united to tackle the worst global pandemic in a century. From making face masks for frontline workers to homeschooling children, the response and sacrifices have been huge and humbling.

But we’re also in the middle of a climate crisis. There’s no other way to put it.

The efforts to change our trajectory have not been enough. The inheritors of this planet, the youth, cannot wait for the sticky gears of bureaucracy to slowly labor toward change.

Global Climate Strike 2020

Photo courtesy: Lisa Villiamu,

So, they strike.

If the children are our future, then we need to listen to what they have to say.

With these strikes, the youth are saying en masse that it isn’t enough to just acknowledge that climate change is real.

We need real climate action now, like what much of the world has done in response to COVID. The pandemic has shown how the world can mobilize quickly. 

There has to be the same collective commitment by governments, businesses, and individuals to stop climate change. We owe it to the youth.

What are the Global Youth Climate Strikes?

Back in 2018, Greta Thunberg—then 15 years old—stood outside the Swedish parliament building each Friday with a sign that read ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’ (School strike for climate) instead of going to school.

Last year, she led historic climate strikes that took place in 150 countries. With somewhere between four and seven million people participating, this was likely the largest environmental protest in history

As a staunch advocate of climate action, Sendle was amongst those millions (as were many amazing Sendlers).

The goal of these protests is to pressure governments to take this crisis seriously. Those in power may not have to live on the future broken planet they’re helping to create but the youth will.

And they don’t have to stand for it.

We wholeheartedly support these incredible young people taking a stand for the planet. We believe that companies and governments need to do more to keep our planet healthy. 

How can I get involved?

Climate strikes will be happening all over the world on September 25th, 2020 for the Global Day of Climate Action. Find the event nearest to you on this map from Fridays for Future.

Some smaller events may be in person (masks on!) but many will be virtual, given the circumstances.

Global Climate Strike 2020

Photo courtesy: Lisa Villiamu,

In Australia, you can find more information at In the US, this year will be big for voting with the planet in mind. So, register to vote and do your research on all the politicians running for the various offices.

As COVID is still very much a concern the world over, it’s not about turning out in big numbers in the streets.

It’s about letting our voices be heard through mass disengagement with business as usual, be it school or work. It’s about the sheer number of actions of people in small gatherings in towns, suburbs, and communities throughout the world.

At Sendle, we’re encouraging our team to join the rallies happening online.

The impact of logistics

The logistics industry is responsible for a lot of emissions.  As more sales move online during COVID and beyond, those emissions will only increase. So, it’s more urgent than ever before that this industry clean up its act.

Sendle is committed to doing our part to save the planet. That’s why we ship everything entirely carbon neutral. So, if you use Sendle, you are making an impact by reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the planet.

We’ve been 100% carbon neutral from day one. To date, Sendle has offset 14.5 billion kilometers (or 9 billion miles) worth of carbon. That is equivalent to driving a one-ton truck from Earth to Mars and back 74 times (don’t get any ideas, Elon Musk).

Just imagine the positive impact  if everyone in our industry went 100% carbon neutral.  

We really hope to see other carriers take a similar approach to solving the problems of rising greenhouse gas emissions. 

On September 25th, let’s show the same determination to end climate change as we’ve shown to reduce the spread of COVID.

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stack of parcel boxes with sendle shipping label floats around plant filled earth globe

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