As a small business owner, you need to have simple yet powerful tools at your disposal to manage all the data that comes out of running a business. A big part of that is expenses and your employees.

Making your processes for managing employee information and tracking expenses simple can keep your attention on all the other things you do (we know it's a lot). 

The humble spreadsheet, when utilized in the right way, is just the tool you need to manage that data. Beyond that, it can do the heavy lifting with number crunching so you don't have to.

For all your expense and employee management needs, we've got the templates you need.


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6 free templates for keeping track of expenses and employee information

employee expenses

Keeping track of your expenses is important.

Also, making sure your employee info is all in order will make life simpler.

Knowing how much you spend on any one thing will help you stay organized and manage where your money goes.

For that purpose, we’ve got some templates to help move your processes along. It's so easy.

Just click the link for each to find the view-only Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Then navigate to ‘File’ and click ‘Make a copy’ to open your own fully editable version of spreadsheet.

No need to request edit access! You can make your own version.

From there, you can change it as needed for your business needs.


Employee information template

Who do you employ? If you say anyone other than yourself, you may want to keep track of the details—wages, taxes, deductions.

This Employee Information template will help you manage it in one place. 

Employee information template


Payroll calculator

One of your most important business investments will be in the form of payroll. Your people make the company what it is.

This simple Payroll Calculator template (which pulls employees from the Employee Information template) can help you keep track of those expenses for up to 25 employees.

Payroll calculator


Individual paystub template

Pulling directly from the Employee Information and Payroll Calculator templates, the Individual Paystubs template dynamically creates paystubs for each employee during a pay period.

Individual paystub template


Timecard template

Have your employees keep track of their hours for the year on this simple Timecard template. Total regular and overtime hours will calculate automatically as the card is filled out.

Timecard template


Expense report template

When employees pay for things that should be charged to the company, an Expense Report can keep it all in order so that they get reimbursed in a timely manner.

Expense report template


Home office expense calculator

So many small businesses are run from a home office, which can mean that some of your home expenses are deductible in your taxes.

Use this Home Office Expense Calculator to keep track of these expenses through the year for deductions.

home office expense calculator template


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