No restrictive contracts. No revenue requirements. And no tricky terms about it. Just delivery service that’s better for small businesses, while saving shipping and eCommerce platforms time and money.

eCommerce platforms deserve more flexibility for small business customers to succeed. So we’ve come up with a solution for platforms and their customers that’ll mean better shipping terms, more diversity, and more ease.

The Sendle Digital Partner Program provides partners with simple, reliable access to an expansive national network of carriers. Through our Digital Partner Program, eCommerce platforms can increase sales and tap into a wide-ranging portfolio of carrier options to offer to their small business customers. More bang for buck and more time saved – without having platforms settle for unrealistic shipping terms.

Why join Sendle's Digital Partner Program

Happy highlights for platforms:
  • Seamless integration
  • Simple, responsive API
  • No contracts, revenue requirements, or penalties
  • Single-payer and multi-payer options
  • Significant discounts to help grow your bottom line
  • Access to a growing, diverse network of national carriers
  • Joint marketing opportunities

Sendle's benefits for small businesses:

  • Affordable, reliable, 100% carbon neutral deliveries
  • More savings on shipping costs
  • Free, easy pick ups and drop offs
  • Free cover up to $150 on Sendle shipments

Cheers to a win-win-win for eCommerce, small businesses, and the planet. Partners can sign up and learn more about Sendle’s Digital Partner Program here.

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