Although we should really be celebrating women every day of the year, we'll take the opportunity of International Women's Day to highlight a few small businesses using Sendle.

Since we all know how important the women in our lives are, we should take every opportunity to raise them up and support them. 

Like, say, when they start a small business, despite all the roadblocks thrown in their path. Pay attention, cause they are probably doing something really cool. Then, buy that stuff.

In the spirit of promoting awesome businesses owned by awesome women, here are a few you should definitely check out and then give money to.


You'll probably find Francine Moo-Young hard at work in her Seattle studio, sporting a Neil Diamond t-shirt and working some brightly colored leather. 

Her store reflects a healthy obsession with leather and shibori dyeing, full of carefully crafted bags, long-flowing kimonos, and simply colored bangles. 

Take inventory of your leather bags and kimonos, see that you own too few, and then buy those things from Francine.

Seeta Roy

Australian illustrator and designer Seeta Roy dreams up pretty things and makes them. For you.

Driven by the desire to make things she wants to own, her store is a rotating gallery of cozy illustrated prints, fun enamel pins, the occasional silk scarf.

We want to own one of each thing she makes too.

Little Lunch Box Co

A true mumpreneur, Chantal started her small business as a new mother who wanted flexibility with her work. 

In Little Lunch Box Co, she found that flexibility. True to the name, she sells bento-style lunch boxes for little ones.

With a variety of designs and sizes, the little loved ones in our lives can be stylish and nourished.


Another Seattle gem, Velouria stocks a variety of sustainable and chic stuff that'll make you (or your home) look cooler.

Cat and Chika fill their spacious Pioneer Square shop with art, clothing, accessories, and beauty products created by independent artists and makers from all over the US and Canada.

Plus, 2% of sales go to a different non-profit each month. Yay!

Obra ni Aura 

Leaving your lobes undecorated can result in an unacceptable lack of earring-based compliments.

An easy fix to this condition is to dangle some of these clay pieces of art from your naked lobes. They'll thank you.

Obra ni Aura has a stunning collection of earrings for the unembellished ears in your life.

Women, folks! They get it done.

Now, go out and tell the women in your life (yourself included) how amazing they are. Support their ventures, buy their art, read their work, thank them for all the stuff they always do.

Happy International Women's Day!

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