A good spreadsheet can accomplish a lot, especially for unraveling the minutae of your small business' finances. The difference between being close and being right is vast, especially when talking about the health of your business.

But getting it right takes the right tools. 

A good spreadsheet, when properly utilized, can give you the answers you need to make good decisions for your business.


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8 free financial planning spreadsheets for running your business


With the following spreadsheets, you can get a handle on your profits and losses, figure out how to price your products, forecast your sales, and more.

They are simple to use.

Just click the link for each to find the view-only Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Then navigate to ‘File’ and click ‘Make a copy’ to open your own fully editable version of spreadsheet.

No need to request edit access! You can make your own version.

From there, you can change it as needed for your business needs.


Profit & loss statement

Knowing how much you’ve made from selling is super important and gratifying. But, it only tells half the story. The true numbers become clear once your losses are accounted for. For that, you can use the Profit & Loss Statement

profit and loss statement template spreadsheet


Budgeting profit & loss

To give yourself an idea of where you’ll end up with profits and losses at the end of each quarter, you can give yourself a budget so you can hit desired profitability. This Budgeting Profit & Loss spreadsheet can help you there.

budgeting profit and loss template spreadsheet


Pricing calculator

Gaming out how much a particular product should cost your customers isn’t always super straightforward. Think about all the little costs that go into creating that one product and remember that you want to make a profit. 

While pricing strategies can sometimes require more than a mathematical exercise, we’ve put together a Pricing Calculator template to help you price your products as simply as possible.

pricing calculator template spreadsheet


Margin calculator

Figuring out your gross profit margin is simple and it is made even simpler with our Margin Calculator.

Just change the price and cost variables to figure out your gross profit, margin, and total markup. Change the number of units sold to expand these numbers out to the total items you’ve sold.

margin calculator template spreadsheet


Monthly cash flow

When they call money ‘liquid’, this is sort of what they are getting at. The movement of money to and from your business accounts is predictable. 

When you put the data in a spreadsheet, you can get a better idea of how much you’ll have in the bank at any given time and how your business is growing. Use this Monthly Cash Flow template to get a handle on those ebbs and flows.

monthly cash flow template spreadsheet


Daily cash flow

When you want to get an even more detailed look at your company’s cash flow, we’ve got the Daily Cash Flow template for you.


eCommerce sales forecast

Forecasting can help you understand whether you can look forward to storms or beach weather. Sales forecasts do much the same thing.

By using historical data to estimate future sales and spend, you can get an idea of your coming revenue. Use our eCommerce Sales Forecast template to figure it all out.

ecommerce sales forecast template spreadsheet


12-month sales forecast

For a more basic one year forecast (minus your marketing spend), use this 12-Month Sales Forecast template.

12 month sales forecast template spreadsheet


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