Without mothers, you wouldn’t be here to read this and there would be nothing here to read. Their importance in our lives cannot be overstated. They are simply amazing.

Mother's Day gift

While it should realistically take place over a period of several weeks, their holiday is just 24 hours long. On that day, we shower them with love and gifts and food. Whatever they want.

But, what do they want? What should you get them? Why weren’t you taking notes all year to know the very specific amazing thing that will make her beam with joy?

A bunch of great Mother’s Day gift ideas

Well, we may not know exactly what the mothers in your life want, but we’ve got a bunch of good ideas. And, you need some good ideas. 

All from small Etsy shops and across a variety of gift categories, we’ve got a fine list of fine goods for all sorts of mothers.

Arts & crafts

Sheroes of Our Time - A Feminist Coloring Book

A great way for her to zen out this Mother’s Day is by coloring in the portraits of strong women. You might want to grab the giant pack of crayons to go with this one.

Sheroes of Our Time

Photo courtesy: TheBraveWimp

Paint by Numbers Kit- Mid-Century Modern Home

Maybe she’d rather spend the day making a painting of her ideal mid-century modern home. She can hang it up when she’s done, assuring this Mother’s Day will not be forgotten.

Paint by Numbers Kit

Photo courtesy: PAINTtheTOWNbyNUMBER

Sunset Embroidery Kit

 If she prefers a needle to a crayon or paintbrush, you can’t go wrong with embroidery. This retro sunset symbolizes how happy she’ll be with your decision.

Sunset Embroidery Kit

Photo courtesy: SundayMorningsShop


Mystical Marseille Necklace

For that mystical mother in your life, this necklace comes in silver or gold and you get a choice of the mystic symbol you think most applies to her. I’m on team Spellcaster, personally.

Mystical Marseille Necklace Mystical Marseille Necklace

Photo courtesy: GLDNxLayeredAndLong

Peony + Amaranthus Floral Necklace

For a more floral vibe, you can go with this sculpted clay pendant necklace. This necklace is certain to encourage compliments which will appreciate the gift’s power over time.

Peony + Amaranthus Floral Necklace

Photo courtesy: EarthClayCo

Australian Black Opal Necklace (18K Solid Gold)

When you really want to show how much you care, there’s gold. Embedded with an opal gemstone, this necklace is sure to impress any mother (that loves golden necklaces).

Australian Black Opal Necklace

Photo courtesy: PurpleMayJewellery


Stoneware Espresso Cups

For the espresso-shot-pulling mother, special cups are a must. These stoneware espresso cups will make the espresso sipping ritual all the more special.

Stoneware Espresso Cups

Photo courtesy: NewYorkHandcrafted

Ceramic Serving Platter Set

If she loves to entertain, this versatile platter set is an easy choice. Hopefully, you will be the recipient of any of the fine food she sets upon your thoughtful gift.

Ceramic Serving Platter Set Ceramic Serving Platter Set

Photo courtesy: JeffersonStreetCo

Hand-Carved, Hand-Shaped Wooden Salad Serving Set

Tongs are fine but dedicated wooden salad servers mean business. These hand-carved beauts are also hands, so they can easily be used comically when you need everyone’s attention. 

Hand-Carved, Hand-Shaped Wooden Salad Serving Set Hand-Carved, Hand-Shaped Wooden Salad Serving Set

Photo courtesy: CreatingComfortLab


Concrete Organizer

Everyone needs a place for their stuff, be it for a coffee station or a chaotic desk. This minimal and stylish organizer might be just the thing she needs to rally those loose items in her life.

Concrete Organizer

Photo courtesy: SURPOINT

Empowered Women Empower Women Bookends

For all the thoughtful daughters out there, here’s a way to make that great mother-daughter photo do more than just look cute. Send your fun photo and you’ll be plastered on the side of some bookends just for mom.

Empowered Women Empower Women Bookends

Photo courtesy: getARCHd

Ceramic Head Planter

For an artsy way to feature a houseplant or a fresh bouquet, this head will do the trick. It’s very unlikely that she already has it. 

Ceramic Head Planter Ceramic Head Planter

Photo courtesy: HomeGreenDecor


Black Chambray + Silk Eye Mask & All-Natural Palo Santo Meditation Mist

Sometimes the best gift you can give a mother is that sweet rest she’s been missing out on. Give her a closed room, an eye mask, and some calming aromas—she’ll have an extremely relaxing Mother’s Day.

Black Chambray + Silk Eye Mask & All-Natural Palo Santo Meditation Mist

Photo courtesy: MIZUbrand

Dead Sea Clay Cooling Mask

Treat her to a new natural skincare routine, wherein she slathers French sea clay on her face and relaxes. Eucalyptus and peppermint make for an enlivening and hydrating experience for any mom’s skin.

Dead Sea Clay Cooling Mask

Photo courtesy: TheHouseonWhiteOak

Black Rose Sangria Bath Salt Tea

A simple vial of various scented bath salts and rose petals will improve her bath experience immensely. Celebrate her existence by helping her up her bath game.

Black Rose Sangria Bath Salt Tea

Photo courtesy: GraceBloomCo

Wear this

Nonchalance Schitt’s Creek Sweatshirt

If she’s proud to be ‘cooly indifferent’ and/or is a big fan of the show, this comfy sweatshirt couldn’t be a better fit. Sometimes you just have to wear your state of being.

Nonchalance Schitt’s Creek Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy: KatLivesMatter

Kimono Robe

For the mother who prefers wearing silky drapery things, you can do no wrong by getting her a satin kimono. The perfect thing to lounge about the house in while also being excellent for a night out. 

Kimono Robe

Photo courtesy: kimandono

‘Tough as a Mother’ Tee

The shirt that perfectly encapsulates the extraordinary nature of mothers. Simple as that.

Tough as a Mother Tee Tough as a Mother Tee

Photo courtesy: TheBeeandTheFox

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