It’s been 8 months since we landed in Canada and the future looks bright! We’ve helped bring shipping back to reality with low rates for everyone. Low on cost and high on satisfaction, that’s how we roll! 

On May 18, we’re decreasing Sendle Premium and Pro prices by up to 7.5%. Yep, our already-low shipping rates are going lower to help you save even more.

Happy highlights:

  • Save up to $15.79 per package compared to Canada Post.
  • Save up to $12.86 per package compared to Canada Post when shipping within the same province*. Psst, Sendle considers Ontario and Quebec to be the same province. 😉
  • We’ve added a new 2kg weight for you to ship and save a bunch!
  • Door-to-door shipping with free pickups to the U.S. from as little as $7.90.

*On Sendle Premium and Pro

Ship from Ottawa to Montreal for as low as $6.93. Or send to customers in the U.S. from $7.90. Whether you’re shipping to another province or the States, you’re making bank with Sendle.

The future looks bright. Head to your Sendle Dashboard to ship and save more.


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