Another wildfire season is proving truly devastating, with towns reduced to ash and wildlife habitats completely decimated.

As residents are forced to evacuate because of incoming fires or stay shut in because of the smoke, it's more important than ever that we can rely on community to help us through.

During the horrific bushfires in Australia, we threw our support behind makers, artists, and entrepreneurs that were donating their proceeds to bushfire relief charities. We want to do the same for the creative community here in the US.

If you’re an organization or charity collecting items for those in need or a small business using your platform to raise funds for the cause, let us know.

Wildfire relief form

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Sendle may be able to help with the cost of shipping to get your donations or other goods where they need to go.

Not everyone can use their business as a platform, but there are plenty of other ways to support those affected by the wildfires. 


Monetary donations

Donating money is one of the best ways to help the people affected by the fires and the organizations supporting relief efforts. 

If you'd like to donate money, here are some reputable organizations to support:

Non-monetary donations

For those who are unable to give money, there are plenty of other ways to help in the wildfire relief effort, from gifts of food and accommodations to blood and volunteerism.  

In the affected regions, you can give to food banks that may be more active than usual. But before you donate, check in with them to make sure you are giving what they need the most. 

If you have an extra room, you can offer the space to someone displaced by fires through Airbnb Open Homes

Organizations, like the Washington State Fire Fighters' Association, are asking for volunteers to help directly in the fire fighting effort.

And, if you've got blood to give, the Red Cross is always looking for donors. 


Get out the vote

More than ever, we need to demand climate action so that we don't have to continue this destructive cycle year after year.

The same spirit we see in communities coming together to help in the wake of these disasters can be mobilized to create real climate policy changes.

This means writing your congressperson, your senator, your city councilperson, your mayor, your governor, whoever can make a difference in how the government approaches the climate crisis. This means making your voice heard.

This means voting out the politicians who aren't taking this seriously. In that spirit, if your organization or small business is raising money to help get out the vote ahead of November, we want to hear from you.

Voting efforts form

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We may be able to cover the cost of shipping products where proceeds are going toward getting out the vote.

Thank you

It's been amazing to see individuals and small businesses do whatever they can to help in response to these terrible fires. Our hearts go out to all those affected.

The fires are just the beginning. Once they are extinguished, much will need to be done to rebuild the communities and habitats affected. Many of the organizations listed above provide support not only now, but after the full destruction has been realized.

We're happy to support amazing small businesses and organizations that are supporting relief efforts throughout the West Coast. You are truly incredible.

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