Sunny days are upon us, Sendlers. So why not soak up even more savings with Sendle?

And there’s no better way to welcome the sunny season than *drumroll, please* even more savings on small business shipping. Starting on July 9, Sendle prices will decrease – again!

On average, you’ll experience Sendle shipping rates drop all across the board. Even bigger savings will occur within certain lanes and for packages up to 20 lbs. Whether you send one or send it all, ship with the confidence that you’re getting the best price in town.

Oh and because we love helping small businesses win big, we’re also adding more Sendle Cover to all of your shipments, free of charge. More ease of mind for however you ship.

Happy highlights:

  • Saving up to 11% on nationwide shipping – for up to $3 per package saved.
  • Better Sendle Cover for all your sends – more free Sendle Cover, now increased from $100 to $150 on Preferred shipments. Saver shipments also get free Sendle Cover up to $100.

Cheers to the shining savings and simpler shipping that'll see you to success this summer! Slather on the sunscreen and enjoy your sunniest days ahead.

Head to your Sendle Dashboard and start shipping on the bright side on July 9.


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