API and Insurance updates

December 6, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

We are updating Sendle's Terms and Conditions and Website User Agreement to:

  1. Allow greater access to Sendle’s  Application Programming Interface (API)
  2. Reflect changes to Sendle's Insurance Policy

What's new?

Sendle API

Sendle’s API allows you to quote, book and track orders directly from your store or website. The API has been tested by a number of customers, and is now ready for wider use. The changes to the Terms and Conditions and Website User agreement explain:

  1. Under what conditions you can access and use the API
  2. Make it explicit that building in the API in order to book parcels on behalf of another entity requires permission from the business team at Sendle

Read more here.


In cases where a parcel is lost, we want your experience to remain as positive as possible. The changes outlined below lay the foundations for a more comprehensive insurance offer in the coming months. The changes to the Terms and Conditions have:

  1. Clarified the existing insurance policy to better explain what it does and does not cover
  2. Dramatically simplified the claims process to reduce the time it takes to receive payment

Read more here.

By continuing to use Sendle after 7 December 2016 you’re letting us know that you’re okay with the updated Terms and Conditions and Website User Agreement that you’ve read and agreed to them.

Thanks for shipping with Sendle,
The Sendle team

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